fast-surfs is a daily paid to surf site looking to become the core of web traffic. Everywhere you go as a promising investor you see countless, common and regular Daily Paid To Surf pages and We here at fast-surfs intend to revolutionize advertising online with our attractive offers and more importantly our innovative style of traffic exchange.

You may join and become a member for free to view advertisements and earn credits to advertise. You may also become an upgraded member for $0.05. Each $0.05 upgrade buys you a software package of your choice from our products page, which will be digitally delivered via email for you to download. It comes with full resale rights, so you may advertise and resell the software. You are not required to advertise the software here, but you may if you choose. You may advertise any website, product or service you want to promote as long as it abides by our terms of service.
How does it work? The first thing that You should do is to create a FREE membership with fast-surfs. You have a FREE 15 days test drive during whitch you can post your site, get used to fast-surfs and see if you like the system.If you don't upgrade during these 15 days your FREE membership is automatically purged from the system.In order to insure the long term success of our upgraded members and our program, all free members are required to upgrade (minimum $0.05) within 15 days of joining to avoid account cancellation.

Program Plans

Free Members
+Earn 12% for 11 days
+25 second timer
+Minimum surf 40 pages
+Advertise up to 1 Sites
+2% referral commission
+No minimum payout
+We pay instantly

Upgraded Members
+Earn 12% for 11 days
+25 second timer
+Minimum surf only 15 pages
+Advertise up to 3 Sites
+8% referral commission
+$0.05 per upgrade
+We pay instantly

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