The next generation of auto-surfs is variable rates! Our rates are based on our revenue, BestRateSurf basis its rates off of the earnings of the previous day. So the rate you get today is for the earnings that we made yesterday! You will keep your upgrade until you have earned 160% of what you have spent! There is no set daily rate, but we will try our best to keep the daily rate in the range of 5 % - 15 % daily! This is truly the best way for an auto-surf to operate. This gives us the true ability to control the auto-surf and the amount of money earned on each day.

All you have to do is visit 30 websites each day and you will get the daily percent, today's daily percent is 8.2%. It only takes 20 seconds to view each website. The revenue is then pooled from this into the daily funds.

Program Plans
-5%-15% daily

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