OzAutoSurfer is a Traffic Exchange and Get Paid to Service. We have both automatic and manual (click) surf Start-Page options! We have an extensive paid to section where you can get paid to read emails, get paid to click banners and text ads, get paid to signup for new programs and get paid to buy products on the web!

Members can rotate text links and banner ads on our traffic network by either converting surfed credits or purchasing impressions at DIRT CHEAP prices. Signup Now and check out the bargain prices. Upgrade to Pro and receive random Pro discounts on all advertising purchases! Signup now and get ...

$2.00, 100 Manual and 400 Auto Credits Signup Bonus!

You also earn Trading Credits which can be sold at prices set by YOU on our Trading Board or converted into advertising credits at these rates ...

1 Trading Credit = 2.5 Manual Credits
1 Trading Credit = 3.5 Manual Credits for Pro-Members!
1 Trading Credit = 3 Auto Credits
1 Trading Credit = 5 Auto Credits for Pro-Members!

Members can also Convert Auto Credits into Manual Credits and there's higher rates for Pro members! Earn hits to your site promoting your Referring URL and gain free entry into the daily referral page view contest. Site Rotators are permitted in rotation, 0% auto-assign, you bank every credit you earn or auto-assign up to 100% if you desire! The list does not end there, members also earn from referrals!

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