Wlecome to OneCentSurf!
You have finally found a long lasting paid to surf site!

In this period most of the paid to surf sites are popping up and disappearing at the same speed. OneCentSurf want to be different and our aim to stay on the market for long time.

The concept of "advertising" is considered as important as the concept of "earning" here.

At OneCentSurf we will increase the allowed upgrade levels each month. The "slow increment" of allowed upgrades let You earn constantly and permits You to create a large base of referrals that, in the future, will considerably help You generating your Financial Freedom. Furthermore we will be able to pay your withdraws without any problem.

Our model has been developed on the PrudenceSurfing idea. PrudenceSurfing is now closed while we are here to stay!

You will not earn a lot of credits by surfing at OCS. This is to encourage Advertisers to buy our packages; 50% of the advertising revenues will be added to the OCS Reserve Fund to be distributed to our members.

OneCentSurf.com was born on December 10, 2006 and the domain OneCentSurf.com has been already reserved for 3 Years by the OneCentSurf administration.

OCS will be constantly implemented to offer You always a better service.

Program Plans
+FREE Upgrade Unit upon Signup!
+Upgrade Unit cost $0.01
+Cashout at $0.1
+Maximum Upgrade: Incremental
+Surf ONLY 2 Sites to earn
+Earn 10% for 12 Days
+Earn Back 120% on your spend
+5% Referral Commissions
+Advertise Up to 3 Sites
+Timer Last 15 seconds

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