3 plans available, join one, two or all three it's up to you! Surf just 15 sites once each day and fulfill requirements for ALL plans at once!

1. 2% daily for 75 days, Paid Daily, initial Purchase Returned on expiration.
2. 5% daily for 30 day, Paid Daily.
3. 10% daily for 15 days, Paid on expiration.

Ease of use and benefits:

* Cashouts allowed anytime balance is over $5.00.
* Up to 10% referral commissions.
* Very simple program...purchase, surf, cashout. Its that simple!
* Self vacation days. If you miss a day of surfing it won't count against you.
* Cashout calendar tells you exactly when you will get paid. It even figures out business days!
* Internal Support ticketing system for speedy support response time.

Program Plans
-2% daily for 75 days
-5% daily for 30 days
-10% daily for 15 days

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