is a paid to autosurf website.We specifically designed for you to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your time this process can take only a few minutes. You earn 10% for 12 days of your current level by viewing 10 websites a day and earn from referring new members. Our site income is from selling advertising, so to keep up running, it not depend only on Us, but it depend to members too. We only take 10% for admin fee, promoting and site maintenance, the rest of them will stay on account balance to pay members. We'll keep showing the stats, so all members know that we're honest.

Program Plans

* Earn 10% daily for 12 days
* 5% referral commission for upgrade member
* 2% referral commission for free member
* Payment is made INSTANTLY
* Minimum upgrade - $2
* We Accept only E-Gold
* Surf 10 sites to earn
* Time last 25 seconds
* Advertise up to 5 sites

For more information, visit - 10% daily for 12 days
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