WeCareAboutTraffic.com is a Paid Autosurf Traffic Exchange, was specifically designed with the professional online marketer in mind. The market is now completely saturated with Paid Autosurf Traffic Exchange. We have decided to create something completely innovative and powerful in order to offer our members better advertising results and a new meaning to the "Paid Autosurf Traffic Exchange" industry.

WeCareAboutTraffic.com was specifically designed for you to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. You don't have to surf all day to get paid; a few minutes of your precious daily time will do. With WeCareAboutTraffic.com you only need to login and watch few sites every 24 hours for certain time to get total ROI (you must surf daily to get total ROI) of your current level of your membership.

The first thing that You should do is to create a FREE membership with WeCareAboutTraffic.com. You are offered free few days test drive during whitch you can post your site, get used to WeCareAboutTraffic.com and see if you like the system. If you don't upgrade during testing drive, your free membership is automatically auto-deleted from the system.

In order to insure the long term success of our upgraded members and our program, all free members are required to upgrade (minimum 1 unit) within few days of joining to avoid account cancellation.

We give both free and upgraded members bonus/commission for their referral's upgrades. Remember to setup ecurrency accounts for referral earnings.

WeCareAboutTraffic.com Features
Get paid 11% every surfing days. Each upgrade will last for 11 surfing days.
Each adpack unit is $1 You can upgrade your membership with minimum 1 adpack unit & maximum 11,000 units. Attention please! You can not purchase more adpack units if you have surfed for the day. You may have up to total 11 active upgrades/purchases in the same time.
You will get free 110 credits as signup bonus. Attention please! You will get 110 credit for each unit you upgrade or purchase.
Payout type is daily payout where cashout request will be paid to your e-gold account within 24 hours. Free member can request payout. Attention please! You must enter your egold account when you sign up, otherwise you will not be able to be paid out.
Free members and upgraded members can earn 11% of referral upgrade/purchase as extra money
Free members may add only 5 website and upgraded members may add up to 11 websites. Upgraded member need to surf 11 website daily to earn.
Free members must upgrade with minimum 1 unit within 11 days or your account will be deleted automatically.

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