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Modern Life Media (MLM) has finally been setup after months of intensive research and development into the virtual media market. We realise that in order to create a successfull rebate program like MLM, constant slow and steady growth has to be maintained.

Other companies similar to ours come and go so fast that they cant even rebate they're members! We call them 'fly by nights'. They believe that in order to create a successfull program, hard promotion is needed the minute it is opened... when the truth is the exact opposite. Managing a rebate program is like managing a countries economy. A massive massive influx of funds creates a unstable program because it is hard to sustain a program for long after the big influx of funds. 12DailyPro the legend of all autosurfs grew from a small acorn to a huge oak tree. MLM will be the next Oak ... not just another failure.

Our Income Sources
Are provided from members upgrades, advertisement purchases and external sources. Our main objectives is to see MLM deep into 2008 still providing rebates for members. With your loyal support we promise to reward those who have stuck with us in the long run.

Together we can work as a community to create a program people will be talking about for years to come. We know that is you who makes or breaks the program, we respect you.

Our Plans
Our Plan is to advertise MLM in phases so we can create a sustainable influx of fresh funds. We have a large reserve to start us off. In the long term, as the members and money increases, so will our financial sources. MLM will be creating a network in order to pay for members rebates.

Program Plans
# You will earn a stable ROI of 10% daily for 13 days
# Referral Comission of 10%
# Surf only 10 Sites to qualify for your daily Rebate
# Instant e-gold payouts on a safe Dedicated Server
# Minimum payout is $5
# Professional and Dedicated Admin Team
# Dedicated Forum and Live Support
# Proven Professional Script
# Paid to promote $0.10 CPM
# 200 Advertising credits a month just for being active
# Advertise up to 5 links
# Free to Join
# The easiest, cheapest and efficient way of driving traffic to your website

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