Ads On Command is an Paid Advertising Website. By purchasing ads to have your website viewed, you can then in turn receive a rebate on that purchase by viewing other peoples advertisements.

We will pay out 2% of your Ad Pack Purchase for 100 days.

There are two levels, Advertiser & Premium Advertiser.
Advertiser: Minimum Ad Pack purchase is $5.00. There is no minimum cashout. Referral commission is 4%
Premium Advertiser: Minimum Ad Pack purchase is $1001.00. Minimum Cashout is $100. (2% daily for 7 days = $140). Referral Commission is 8%

Members can request cashout once every seven (7) days.

The payment processors are e-gold and CEPTrust.

Ads On Command is operated by Matt of the CommandSurf group of websites. These sites have been paying for a year (CommandSurf launched on April 7th, 2006.) and I will not run with your money. If you've got any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

Program Plans
-2% daily for 100 Days

For more information, visit
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