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    Default Shrine Club Surf -

    The Shrine Club surf plans on being the # 1 autosurf company of 2007. We know it will be a challenge with
    so many companies entering and leaving daily. We welcome our members and look forward to putting each into profit.
    Here are the answers to two questions you may have. Frist, are we a Shrine Club? Yes, we are. Second how can
    we afford to pay you this high return on your ad packets? We have several Investment resources which allows us to
    quickly compound returns on money. This also allows rapid payments on your ad packets.
    As Shrine Club Surf Leader, I was tired of seeing people getting ripped off, especially me. So I decided
    to step in and give the autosurf industry mouth to mouth. Maybe we can check out, get off the I.V. and walk
    again without falling.
    As Leader I will insure happy surfing for years to come. Invest wisely. Some may have to start small
    then work there way up.

    It's time for a revolution. We are the "Diamond in the Rough". Let's have a great year. And Happy Surfing!

    The Bottom Line is that you earn 14% for 10 days. I encourage you to vote in whatever monitor that you use. You can see how we are doing on our Rate Us page. If you do not have an account with a monitoring site I suggest They are a very reliable source and you can also check out the competition, I know I do. I also know that when the dust settles that we will still be standing. Cocky, I know. Happy Surfing!

    Program Plans
    -14% for 10 days

    For more information, visit
    Welcome to
    Added for discussion

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    Default Shrine Club Surf-Best Autosurf Alive

    The Shrine Club Surf. Has a good ring to it. Anyway our goal is to be the New Autosurf Leader on the net. With the support of our members and future members we will make it happen. As the site grows everyone will see that we don't play any games, especially when it comes to the money of our members. I may joke but that is a very serious matter. My members come first. They intrust me to make them money and that is what I will do for them. So Eat, Drink, Surf, and Be Merry!

    Shrine Club Surf
    The Best Autosurf Company Alive Since the Best Autosurf Programs Retired.

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