About Us
Lunarcycle Advertising is managed by two former autosurf advertisers who, were affected by several Autosurf and HYIP failures in the last 12 months. The Lunarcycle Advertising team has 6 years of experience in managing a retail sales website which is continuing to this day. Our aim is to create a stable advertising platform for both surfers and advertisers who can reap long term benefits from a program such as this which can remain stable & viable in the long term.

Why we are here.

Lunarcycle Advertising was born out of desperation. Reading through forums like MMG with closure after closure of popular programs such as 12dailypro, 12by12Daily, DadínDaves, XLO, Cashinno, 12by12instantÖ the list goes on and on. We were also affected by these program closures. We felt for the members who lost money (50% of the time we were in that group).

What makes Lunarcycle Advertising different?

Our commitment:Lunarcycle Advertising exists for its members, and members make Lunarcycle Advertising! Every member that joins becomes an important part of what we can become together. Thatís the key; Working Together. Our promise to you is to do what we can to maintain our services to both advertisers and members. Itís not in our interest for us put in less than 100%, just as itís not in your interest. We have a vested interest in making this program work just as advertisers and members do.

What is Lunarcycle Advertising offering?
A simple 5% daily return over 28 days for surfing 28 sites. Each member can have a maximum of four upgrades totalling $4000. Cash-outs occur manually within 5 working days following the expiry of an upgrade provided that member has an active upgrade totalling 50% of the cash-out figure. The decision to implement that rule was made over an extremely long time, but it was made with members in mind. It will ensure that the program lasts as long as possible, to the benefit of all members. We charge a small cash-out fee of 3%.

We hope we can help turn the tide and with other successful sites out there, make 2007 a year of many happy returns for surfers and advertisers alike!.

Lunarcycle Advertising is here for the long haulÖ

Lunarcycle Advertising is offering one lucky member the chance to win a 2Gb Mp3/Mp4 player.
Be one of the first 100 members to sign up and go into the draw to win this 2Gb player. The winner will be announced within 24 hours of the 100th Member signing up. Good Luck!
We're hoping to make similar regular offers to new and existing members into the future.

Program Plans
-5% daily return over 28 days for surfing 28 sites

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Lunarcycle Advertising - Here for the long haul...
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