Welcome to NorthPoleSurf!

NorthPoleSurf offers professional advertising and a paid to surf program in one. With a solid business plan, good management, extensive support and business risk control, we are putting excitement back into the industry.

Earn back 130% - 13% for 10 days!
NorthPoleSurf is an online Advertising company structured so that individuals, small or medium companies can get their Web site in front of thousands of people from all over the World.

Advertise your webs sites with us! Appeal to a diverse audience while maintaining a very low cost per hit ratio.

How does it work?
The first thing that You should do is to create a FREE membership with NorthPoleSurf. Upon signing up, you are given 10 days to evaluate your free membership and decide whether you will upgrade your account or not. If you don't upgrade during testing drive, your free membership is automatically auto-deleted from the system. After you upgrade your account to UPGRADED membership (recommend) You only need to watch 10 sites every 24 hours for 13 seconds to get 13% ROI of your current level of your membership accredited to your NPS account..It's easy as 1-2-3!

Program Plans
-13% daily for 10 days

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