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    Default GMI Surf -

    Welcome to I am the admin of this site. I want to welcome you to GMI. FIrst off let me state right now THIS IS NOT your normal SURF Site. I AM the boss.

    There is a membership fee of $10 per member. It is setup for you to choose Alertpay or Paypal. This is a one time fee. This surf site is a private club and there will be specials in the future. There is also a 1.5% withdraw fee. Remember we have a company to run so not everything is cheap.

    We Only accept ALERTPAY and PAYPAL. for membership fees and upgrades. NO EGOLD IS ALLOWED

    GOLD MEMBERS may upgrade for $5 per unit. you get 2% for 60 days

    There is no free plan. We are here to help people make money not for users to take up database space with free plans.

    if you just want to advertise your site and have a banner we will advertise it for you on the main page for $5 per week/$20 a month. cant beat that. please contact us for instructions how to pay.

    If you have any problems please contact me personally using the contact form. Your emails will be answered ASAP.

    We will also be adding a live support on here with in the next 30 days.



    Program Plans
    -2% daily for 60 Days

    For more information, visit
    GMI Surf : Welcome to GMI Surf!
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    looks not bad ! i will try it later !

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