We have taken the strong points from the Profit Sharing model and added new features to control the stability and longevity of the program. We cap the ROI at 15% daily with a minimum Cap at 3%. We will auto-compound any monies in accounts at 11 pm every night. This keeps your money working for you. You may cashout anytime you have $1 in your account or you may compound. Payment will be made within 24 hours of request. Referral rate will be 5%. 75% of outside advertising revenues will be placed in the reserve funds (banner ad purchases, site credit purchases, paid emails.. etc).

Program Plans
# 125% ROI
# Cashout Daily
# Compound Daily
# Upgrades $1 Cashout $1
# Minimum Cap 3% and Maximun Cap 15%
# Auto-Compounds at 11 pm Nightly

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