We do not believe in extreme growth over night, but in variable growth with a steady increase of funds and revenue from outside sources. We don't offer promises or a false sense of hope, we offer GUARNTEES.

It is time that we get back to the basics of autosurfing. The internet is cluttered with autosurfs that claim they can offer you extremely high rates of return on your money, but the reality is, they canít. 99% of these sites fail and close in a short period of time and leaving the unsuspected user in in the dark and at a loss for funds. We do not offer you any outrageuos returns, but a guarantee. We can guarantee that you will earn with us because of four reasons.

1. a realistic daily roi
2. only 4 cashouts permitted per month
3. a refund policy
4. 50/50 cashout rule on accounts over $250 (your upgrade level must be 50% of the amount your are requesting)

Program Plans

Free Members
* 40 free site credits
* $1 in free ad units
* 1% daily for 150 days
* 1% referral commissions
* Promote 1 site
* Cashout 4x Per Month - $1

Upgraded Members
* 40 free site credits
* $1 in free ad units
* 3% daily for 150 days
* 3% referral commissions
* Promote 3 sites
* Cashout 4x Per Month - $0

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Its Time We Get Back To Basics
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