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Surf Delight is a revolution in internet marketing. Our program was specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. Let's face it; time is money. Surf Delight wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. This program is designed for people who call web promotion and investment their primary source of income and more importantly, for those people who would like to. If this sounds like you, Surf Deliht is the one program you can't miss out on. What's the bottom line? We pay you to view websites and online content specifically targeted to web promotion professionals like you!
110% Daily for 1 Day (Surfing, you need to surf)! Promotion Plan! You can have only 1 active Ad Pack for this plan!

Program Plans
4% Daily for 30 Days (Surfing, you need to surf)! (You need upgrade to Promotion plan first)
5% Referral comission!
Payouts are automatic within 10-15 business days of your Ad Packs expiring!
A minimum upgrade - $10 and a maximum - $2000!
All transactions are handled via e-gold!
Surf only 12 sites by 20 days and earn 6-7% daily!

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