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Welcome and thank you for visiting SurfPercent.Com, a site dedicated to allowing our members the opportunity to earn realistic profits over a long term plan. We don't offer unrealistic percentages but low daily returns of 2% over a period of 75 days allowing you to earn up to 150% in 75 days of an investment period. Too many people throw their money away into high paying programs with the hope of earning quick cash and to many times find their self left dry and out of pocket. With SurfPercent, you can build up your earnings over a longer period of time and gradually build a sustainable residual income.

SurfPercent wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. Most paid-to-surf, paid-to-read and paid-to-click sites pay you a small % if they pay you at all!!!. But at SurfPercent, YOU decide how much you want to be paid! You can earn up to $100 for each day.

We have a unique way of generating profits and thus helping you to get good profits. By joining this paid auto surf site, you agree to all the terms of the site. We drive traffic to your website through the surf bar that is available to our members. You just need to upgrade with a minimum of $1.00 and If you are new to surfing please take a minute to look around. How does it work? You just need to join the site. Upgrade with a minimum of $1.00 and you are almost ready to earn. Once you are done with upgrading, you must surf 10 pages that day to get 2% ROI for that day. In this way, you need to surf each day until your upgrade expires. You will get paid within hours to your egold once you are done surfing 10 pages.

Program Plans
+Surfbar 8 second timer
+Manual surf
+Surf only 10 pages
+10% Referral Commission
+Get 50 credits per 1 Unit of Upgrade
+5 sites to advertise
+Earn 2% daily for 75 days
+Each Upgrades unit cost $1
+Maximum purchase is $5,000 per account
+Daily Cashout, No Minimum Payout
+Receive Payouts Daily within 24/48 hours
+Accepts only E-gold

+Surfbar 8 second timer
+Manual surf
+3% Referral Commission
+1 sites to advertise
+Daily Cashout, No Minimum Payout
+Receive Payouts Daily within 24/48 hours

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