Welcome to X16PowerSurf.com

X16 Power Surf has been launched to help people like you and ourselves who have lost out in many other programs that just took our money and then closed down for one reason or another. We have two main aims for this program which are to restore decency and faith back into the autosurf industry and to try and help the people who have lost money in other programs to recover some of their losses.

Having played these games for a long while we have learned a lot during this time, much of it to our disappointment but this if often the way of things while on a learning curve. The whole surf industry has gone to the wall because of a few bad or ill conceived programs and trust is now at an all time low.

We firmly believe that with a little integrity, making good on promises and some support from our members that we can turn this industry around and restore some amount of honesty and faith back into this industry. Autosurfs really are a good income maker for the members if the administrators have integrity (we can categorically assure you that we do) and if the members support and work with us. Sound simple enough?

Program Plans
- FREE $10 Upgrade With Every Join!
-Every Single Members Receives a FREE $10 Upgrade! (Yes, everyone!, no exceptions!)
-Every Single Members Receives 100 Ad Credits FREE! (Yes, everyone!, no exceptions!)
-We then pay you 10% for 16 Days
-View only 16 sited per day to be credited

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