ourprofitsystem.com is a traffic exchange, pay-to-surfing system and an autosurf

advertising powerhouse. We pay you to view automatic slide-show of interesting money making

websites by other members and advertisers. Not only It lets its active members to earn 12% of

their membership level for 12 days if they surf 12 sites daily but also providing the online

advertisers and investors various advanced online marketing resources and investment

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yourprofitsystem the solution for autosurf advertising.

Program Plans
-Earn 12% Daily for 12 days
-Earn 144% in 12 Days
-Request payout at any time
-Payments are made within 48hours
-No-minimum payout
-6% referral commission
-Surf 12 sites daily in order to earn
-100 credits bonus every month
-Minimum upgrade - $2
-Maximum upgrade - $6,000
-Add up to 2 sites
-Surf ratio 1:1
-Surf maximum 60 sites per day

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