MicrogramSurf is a manual Paid to Surf program.

We provide You with a great opportunity to earn 121% in only 11 days from the time of your deposit. With us You are given the opportunity to upgrade your membership with only $0.2.

The concept of slowly incrementally increase the Maximum upgrade levels was created By Martin Newell on his project "PrudenceSurfing".

After PrudenceSurfing a few other open minded web******* started to follow this idea. OneCentSurf started first by opening its door with a single cent maximum Upgrade and, after one month IncrementalSurf was online. IncrementalSurf opened with maximum upgrade of one dollar.

We believe that this concept is fair to everyone who want to start earning a significative income online..in the long run.

Our idea is even more innovative since we have added a Paid To Click system that will allow You to earn cash by simply clicking on banner ads.

We aim to offer the best quality of traffic to our advertisers while giving an awesome earning opportunity to our members.

You can start earning with us with only $0.2.

Bruce Watson

Program Plans
+Upgrade cost $0.20
+Cashout at $0.20
+Maximum Upgrade: Incremental
+Surf ONLY 11 Sites to earn
+Earn 11% for 11 Days
+Earn Back 121% on your spend
+11% Referral Commissions
+Advertise Up to 3 Sites
+Timer Last 11 seconds

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