BUSINESS AND CHARITY, LLC (BAC) and Fashion Force Foundation (FFF) welcome you to, a Network of Humanitarian focused Programs designed to provide powerful advertising mediums to web site owners. (BACPV) offers a cheat-proof manually operated platform allowing all web sites on rotation to be reviewed. Web site Visitors enjoy reviewing and promoting the web sites of Advertisers and Merchants, while helping children and needy people around the world.


We are an online business that has a social conscience and a sense of community and global responsibility. We are deeply concerned about issues that affect people in general and the poor, sick and disadvantaged in particular. Our vision is to alleviate suffering, poverty and sickness throughout the world. To achieve this it is necessary to provide financial support to poor and needy people on a continual basis while providing the means for this support to grow exponentially. BAC's core service is to provide donations to charitable organizations. We provide these donations through our paid membership options as well as from sales of advertising packages and memberships, website design and traffic as part of our free affiliate program. A portion of all revenue generated by BAC is donated to charitable organizations to fulfill our core service and to achieve our vision.

Program Plans

Upgraded Member Benefits
+Earn 20% to 30% Monthly ROI for 10 Months
+5% Referral commission
+Cash-outs once a Month at the end of each Month and processed within 7 business days
+$10 Minimum amount to request a payout
+15% Charity Donation deduction before payouts are sent out
+Advertise up to 2 sites on our rotator
+10 Second Timer
+Manual surf-bar
+Surfing Holidays on Weekend days when ROI is less than 30%
+View 10 Ads minimum for daily payout
+View a maximum of 50 Ads daily
+Run UNLIMITED Advertising Packages
+Minimum purchase is $10 per Advertising Package
+Maximum Purchase is $10,000 per Account - One Account Only per Member
+10 advertising Credits per each $10 share
+Substitute surfer available to handle your Account (reduced percentage applied)
+E-Gold, E-Bullion, SFIPay, Bank Wire and Money Order upgrades will be verified and manually added by admin

Free Member Benefits
+Receive 40 free advertising credits upon joining
+Advertise 1 website
+10 second timer
+Manual surf-bar
+View a maximum of 40 Ads daily
+Earn additional credits by viewing PTC advertising
+Free members are allowed to remain 120 days in our system

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