Question: Why do you use a personal account for business?

Answer: Nope. We use our corporate account for business. Serious businesses use corporate accounts, which scammers do not like to use. This is because a corporate account comes with a high level of security and holders are easily traced when they dupe others.

We use our corporate account for receiving payments and for making Instant Transfers of cash to our customers, no matter the banks they use.

When we were paying N150 per transaction, we used our corporate account. And now that we are paying N50 per transaction, we also use our corporate account. This calls to mind some stingy exchangers who use their personal accounts to pay customers because they want to save N50. This is a shame.

You buy Bitcoin at 330/$ and sell at N370/$, and you are still using a personal account to pay (Zenith to Zenith, GTBank to GTBank, etc) because you do not want to pay N50. What an ignominious shame!

It is common quickly develop trust in those who use corporate accounts for business, compared with those who use personal accounts.

HOWEVER, there are rare cases in which Access Bank may have network problems, and during these times, any money transferred my get hanged and delayed too much. This is the only reason that can make us use a personal account to pay. It is better to pay with a personal account, than to delay payments to any customers (we hate delaying customers’ money).

That means, when there is a problem with our corporate account banking provider, we use our personal account to pay, to avoid delaying our customers and we explain the reason to them.

PAYEER department: The lady in charge of our PAYEER department uses her personal account to do the business. This is the only exception and our customers understand this. Our PAYEER department is part of ITUGLOBAL.

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