What skill should I learn for 1-2 hours a day, which will help me become successful?

Ok. Let's see. 365 days X 5 years X 2 hours a day = 3650 hours to practice your new skill.

Not quite 10,000 hours, but still enough time to crush it at one skill.

It'll be hard to choose a universal skill since everyone's circumstances are different. There's nothing universal that can guarantee you success.

Communication is good, writing is good, and constantly learning is great. But, what if you’re communicating to the wrong people, writing the wrong message or learning off topic?

No, there must be something that ties them all together.

It has to be simple.

It has to be effective.

It has to be something that makes every other area of your life exceptional.

It has to guarantee success.

It's Focus

Without focus, you can't learn a skill.

Without focus you can't meet a goal.

Without focus its hard to do much of anything.

With focus, it's hard not to do things well.

Spend the next five years learning how to focus. You'll love the rest of your life.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-skill-sho...ome-successful

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