Can you really make a living as a YouTuber?

Obviously itís possible because many people do it. YouTube these days is certainly not making it easy on content creators thatís for sure. They have problems of their own with not being able to make a profit. Now they have to deal with the bad PR of ads going on questionable videos. As a content creator getting into YouTube is an uphill climb. Most of the good ideas are already taken and even if you come up with something unique you still have to compete with the insane amount of content that is uploaded daily. Cutting through to grab the attention of even a small percentage of the community is an art form within itself.

I am by no means an expert on YouTube. What I can do is give you some tips going forward looking at it like a business person. First, donít rely on advertising moving forward. It seems extremely chaotic and I donít even think YouTube knows what they are doing at this point. You canít rely on that revenue stream to be the main bulk of your money.

Instead look to monetize in other ways. Such as finding one or two key sponsors who you can help support their business in exchange for supporting your channel. Podcasts do this and I think it works well. Make sure to support businesses that you would use yourself. You have your viewers because they trust you. Donít exploit that trust for money. You can also sell your own products or the products of others on a commission basis. Then of course there is good old Patreon. Patreon is by far the holy grail. Build a devoted following who will support you directly. If you can do that imagine the possibilities. No rules. No investors. Just you and your fans, doing what they are hiring you to do.

It can still be done. Will take some time to adapt, but Iím confident in what creators will do to keep providing what their fans want to see.


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