Last week there was a huge event in business-world - Dreamforce'15, gorgeous and pompous as usual. Enterpreneurs and busines-leaders love to use such occasions mostly because of innovations they can implement in their own practice.
For us, tech-bloggers and observers it's a perfect chance to be involved in birth of brand-new solutions. So, №1 intrigue was solved - RelatedIQ, started back in 2011 became SalesforceIQ and was presented on Dreamforce'15 as a flagman of campaign 2015.
So what does RelateIQ, the hero of heated discussion, could offer to sales team and other business participants? If to believe to Alex Patsko (VP of Customertimes, this app could be attractive to those who want to extract important data out of personal relationships. RelateIQ could recommend the right person to follow up with for a certain sales call, this app helps you to choose when send an email to reach your addressee in a best time to make a deal. No doubt, it's an indispensable solution for those who stuck behind the desk under the enormous workload. RelateIQ got the most valuable information by sifting through your personal calendar, emails, social networks activities, usage of your gadgets and so on. This help you to maximize your business opportunities and reach your sales goals.
A little bit intrusive? Well...yes, it's like a real invasion into your life, but who care if profit and flourishing is at stake.