New Marketing Resource Center that give 50 euro of publicity

What is it?

This is a brand new resource center with services that could increase your sales and prospects and help you achieve the results and the goals you have set!

CRM48 is 2300 referenced pages with 150 000 unique visitors per month and a team of marketing professionals to help you promote your product or service to a targeted traffic.

Among the services of CRM48:

Advertising purchase: when you subscribe to the services offered, CRM48 offers you 24 000 free international visitors for your advertisements and more than 600 euros free advertising promotional code. You also get 50 euros of free advertising when you register.

A specialized and personalized service: They take the time to study your market to find you the best traffic so that you can get leads that are looking for your product.

Promotional article broadcast: The big advantage you have when you publish your articles on their sites to promote your products and services is that your articles are automatically broadcast on over 12 social networks and referenced in search engines, news sites and thousands of targeted email.

SEO Express: You can choose the title and content of your ad that will appear in search engines like Google, to attract your prospects attention and generate a lot of clicks on your ad.

Marketing Training: You have access to online marketing training and live conversations with web marketing professionals who are there to answer your questions within 20 minutes!

A social network community: You are in a marketer groups, you can create self-help groups to exchange ideas, tips or advice on the activity of your choice and organize a major event by contacting all network members.

I recommend this resource center if you want more results !
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