About Russian Oil and Lions!

Sorry for making this titly so scary to you, but I wanted to make it a little bit enticing and to make you rise your brows. The Russian Oil is nothing more but a HYIP program located here https://russianoilfund.com/index.php and specializing, as they claim, into Russia’s vast petroleum reserves. The site has a medium look and you can’t say it is trashy nor that it is great. It’s a website for the average Joe. You can judge by the way the website is made that those are not quite banners, but rather images made, I’d say, in a hurry. Therefore, the design can be considered nothing more than minimalistic, without anything big to be mentioned.

But, they have a new feature here https://russianoilfund.com/index.php?a=cust&page=about. Even if it is a slide share, but it sure does a better job than a full sized page of text would. People need images, videos. The program with the most professional video presentation is, at the moment, without doubts, https://forexcompanyonline.com/. It makes me remind of the old devil-minded scam http://sportarbs.com/, which, by the way, didn’t close their website. I must admit here frankly, with my heand on my heart – I also was fooled by their genius video. I wanted to believe that they were saying the truth and oh man, they really made it appear beautiful and simple.

Here comes the lion! http://lionfunds.net/ – a simple, yet strong-minded program featuring a nice lion symbol which got my attention in the beginning. The special thing about this program is that they are using the testimonial feature which is daily updating. This can be a pretty good persuasive tool for new investors. Also, at the end of the page you can see that their transactions are being secured by Equifax, which is another good thing to be takend in consideration, knowing how unsteady is the security these days.

Their address, however,

Address: 8 Copthall, Roseau, 00152 (Commonwealth of) Dominica

reminds me of a company once called Incoforex.com, because if I am not being wrong, those guys have had their address somewhere near this one. A very funny thing I noticed about when going on the contact info page was this

“Notice for blog posters and rating/monitoring sites owners:Please *DO NOT* submit tickets or send e-mails asking us to spend some money to be monitored or rated by your service. If you want to make an investment please do it with your own money.We are not charity organization but profit-made.”

Who said that you give money to monitors and other guys in the field as donations? This is pure non-sense. I mean, if there weren’t for those guys, 80% of hyips wouldn’t have ever kissed the face of the earth. In the real business world, every major company pays lots of cash towards advertising. The advertising places in the hyip industry are monitors, even if some of them are really greedy. I think these lions should remove their message or maybe they are just sick of the spamming that comes from monitors/hyip blogs? If that’s the case, then I don’t blame them.

https://www.smartex-investment.com/ is a program which consists mainly in texts and not-so-visual presentation. This could be a bad thing for them, as there are lots of investors who don’t love to waste their time on reading/analyzing, so the newest trend with the video presentation would have been a better idea, I think. After reading Smartex’s business presentation, honestly, I must say that I didn’t quite understand what is that they’re doing with the money we’re investing. See for yourself :

– Algorithm Trading: starting point of a high-frequency trading, the algorithm used for transactions is paramount. Indeed, it is important to have a computational tool to generate expectations of ever-higher earnings and a deviation of these returns as low as possible to minimize the “drawdown” (maximum loss at a time “t”).

– The speed of execution: the sinews of war being the time, all high-frequency traders seek an algorithm with a mean and dispersion of the time needed for decision-making and sending messages weaker possible. The infrastructure is also a key role, and the server that runs the algorithm crossing order will be located closer to the servers (Euronext, CME, Chicago, etc..). Providers offer specialized services “low latency” which can have market access at the speed of lightning.

– The algorithm of management orders: for high frequency systems, an algorithm for placing orders is an important point which can make a winner or loser. All reside in the lineup of this “black box”.

– Risk management: We learned to set limits. It is important to make money, but it is equally important to limit losses. The algorithm of “money management” focus as much attention as one who takes positions.

– Fees and charges: any order is placed is subject to commissions and expenses. However, the number of daily transactions is huge, it is important not to overlook this point if we do not want to pay higher commissions than gains made on a roundtrip.

– Taxes: We prefered to outsource our profits and thus escape the tax laws too restrictive in most country. These strategies makes the difference in our profits.

– Research and development: A good trading strategy is unfortunately not eternal. That is why research and development of new strategies are crucial for long-term visibility and is one of biggest part of the work.

It is like they are describing a business, but not saying where to invest the money. They’ve got 4 investment plans, on the same hyip basis – lower your deposit is, less you earn. The beginner plan is 1% and the last one is 1.6%. Comparing to other yields in the industry, this seems to be pretty fair and could ensure this company a longer run. Because, we know that bigger the profits are that you are offering, shorter will be your stay in the Hall of Fame.

I hope I’ve enriched your hyipopedia with this fresh post and that you’ll take the right steps to perform a clean, smart and accurate investment!

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AlertPay enters the Hyip business and Hyip News – FxCambier & Vetcogray

I am almost sure that you are enjoying your weekend and it is just me who’s sitting in front of his desk and writing another post on the latest or highlighted programs in the industry. First of all, I must admit that I’ve observed how AlertPay is becoming more and more loved by new programs. Is the hyip world experiencing a shift and it is moving towards accepting another payment processor which is known to be pretty professional and out of the hyip world? Time will tell soon enough.

FxCambier is a program that got my attention. https://fxcambier.com/ – that central image with those businessman kept me attention still and I continued on searching the website for their plans, contacts and so on. I’ve pleasently observed that they are also present on social media, this has become almost a must for these days – twitter and facebook. They are providing an UK address, which is pretty different from other hyips that are using mostly offshore addresses. The location is this one – Address: 404 Albany House, 324-326 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, U.K. However, I failed to find their exact location using http://maps.google.com/ so I came to conclusion that they must be using a postal mail or that is a building for business offices.

Their live support appears to be offline mostly all the time so I question myself – why showing that live chat button if you are not going to hire some guys to answer public questions? I mean, I don’t wanna waste my time when browsing a program’s website. We need quick and short answers as time is ticking away, so why not respect our needs? Another curious thing about this program is some information I’ve saw in their news section :

FxCambier.com DDOS attack
As you may have noticed FxCambier.com has been unavailable for some time due to a very huge ddos attack.
Dec-1-2010 05:26:44 PM

Welcome to FxCambier.com
Dear All Valued Visitors,
Welcome to FxCambier.com, your only real forex manager. We are glad to announce

Nov-28-2010 12:51:58 AM

I mean, the program had 3 days old and there were already attacks on it? Oh, c’mon, I am not buying that. Who would want to attack a company that has 3 days online? How many deposits could it have gather? So, it pleased me with the plans and upper design but disappointed a little with these things.

https://vetcogray.biz/index.php – VetcoGray Business. An unusual word for somehow an usual hyip. Their simple red logo makes me think about pharmaceutical companies and gives some chill to my bones. Anyway, their support was good in overall, much better than I was expecting to be honest. And this gives me a great idea to consider for the future – to give programs “+” or “-” according to their professional level in the following fields

  • Website content and description of where the money are invested
  • Overall design
  • Customer support
  • Technical analysis (hosting, domaine name, payment processors, DDoS attacks frequency)

A very good company should receive 5 stars and so on. Back to our program – we see that this one has also AlertPay! This hyip world has gone mad! I am thinking about the moments when hyips will close and clients will open up disputes, what will then AlertPay say? They will wake up with thousands of support tickets on their heads, why would they need this hussle especially knowing they have now well over 5 000 000 clients.

VectoGray’s business description is based around forex and sport arbitrage – one of the most often business terms used in the description of hyip programs. I know that there are guys who’re making millions from sport arbitrage but it is really, really hard. You have to be careful with sports brokers and so on…

Until the next post, I greet you all and wish a tickling weekend!

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1-year old hyips?

Hello my dear friends!

This is Nick Cooper with you again! Let’s rock the investment floor with some great bass-ing advices. Ahead of us is a wonderful weekend and your mind and spirit is preparing for the well-deserved rest. I want to share with you that I am very excited about this blog and all the features we will be bringing on board! We are going to be something different and something that you’ll want to stick to.

Surfing today on the abundant sea of hyip novelties and not only, I’ve stumbled upon http://www.reprofinance.com/ to discover some great features about it. First of all, take a look at this

So, you take a 5$ bonus just for signing up. Hey, free cash is better than no cash, right? Further more, I went to their news archive and soon discovered that they have almost 1 year of activity!

“Dear clients! On December, 25th 2009 withdrawal or depositing of money resources will be carried out till 11am.”

In these times of short and crushing hyips we all realize that a 1-year hyip is heavenly manna. I envy those guys who invested in the beginning because they should be now at top yeilding levels. Their design is simple and pleasant for the investor. I just didn’t figure out what RePro stands for, but I leave this task for you.

Another tasty program that got my attention is http://compaxtrade.com/. Rumour has it that the actual owners of the program made it similar to already dead programs like incoforex or atoxfinance, if you still remember those. Basically, we have the same investment plans and trading reports as those companies had or maybe they are using a pattern which proved to be profitable? Anyhow, the program has a gray-like aspect wich gives it the solidity of silver quality, at least from the martketing point of view.

What’s the deal with http://www.orbistrends.com? Lately this program is on everyone’s lips in this industry. It shows a solid and strenth attitude and it even has a hiring section – http://www.orbistrends.com/?page=career! Is it a devilmind program or something that will last much more month that a regular hyip does? They also seem to have a history bigger than 1 year, based on their news archive.

May 20, 2009 Website Opening Ramia Ltd. Is open to general public and is offering its investment services via company website OrbisTrends.com. Our new account based program is flexibly structured to offer the world wide community its investment services with exceptionally modest requirements for participation and daily profit allocations.

So it seems that there were and there are companies to compete with what CherryShares was, but it seems that the hyip investors simply love to pick one and to name it the best! Wouldn’t it be wiser to have 2-3 top programs and to place your funds there? A diversified portfolio is always  much better than a single one.

Hoping that my advices served you well, I am telling you bye and let the God of Weekend joy visit you as soon as possible!

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CherryShares is gone and other HYIP news

Hello readers, visitors and friends, Nick Cooper here!

Everybody’s getting ready for Christmas time and searching curios in their pockets to see if there’s some extra money to buy gifts for the loved ones.  But some of you, especially those who invested with the latest program crushing down – CherryShares, may find nothing more than dust and some cents…We all know it was the top program for almost one year and lots of people made good money out of it. But now it is gone and we must learn to take the hit and move on with better things to do! If you’re still interested with CherryShares news, there are some folks still talking about this here http://www.speakdollars.com/forumdisplay.php?35-Announcement-amp-News

We move on analyzing the latest good looking programs in the tasty and delicious hyip industry. We have http://safeasset.com/ today on the plate. I enjoyed their simple design and corporate interface which quickly made me take a look at their investment plans. The thing that attracted my was this part :

“A guaranteed Investment contract also known as GIC promises to provide a fixed rate of return at the maturity the issue. You can invest in a GIC monthly through the Asset Management Investment Plans or through other options that may be available through Asset Management GIC services that are offered. These instruments offer a stated investment return through the guarantee of a fixed interest rate. An investment objective under this program is to address preservation of principal and can resemble other standard deposits arrangements. Your investment will earn interest each day that will accrue and be credited to your account every day.”

If I recall correctly, this is the first time a hyip uses those words. It should have a good impact on their investors! The next specialty is something that will look very odd to you but so commonplace in this hyip world – a program with “incredible returns” – http://futuretrails.com/ . Actually those numbers you see there aren’t quite exact. For example, on the regular plan we have 18.5% daily, but that is not the profit, it is like 18.5$ of the deposit you already made, so the real profit is 111% in 6 weeks. More details on their investment plans can be found here – http://futuretrails.com/?a=cust&page=plans

The rumour has it that https://forexcompanyonline.com/ is the next top HYIP program, and all this kudos goes to them for having that awesome video on the main page which is doing all the job they need. They’ve put investment plans in front of everybody so that they could see and the latest trading reports are also at hand. Very, very easy to use for those who use to skim through most of websites.

After being almost one week under DDoS attack, therefore without a web presence, http://macrotrade.com has managed to amaze the HYIP world and come back from the dead to rise even higher! People have regained their trust and I guess the company is getting even more investments it did. So, that attack did a good job for them instead of killing their business. The site looks really professional, with an airy outfit that invites you to test their website. Also, the live chat seemed pretty friendly and not so dumb as some live chat operators are. A good program to watch closely!

I end this post by wishing you to have good preparation for Christmas and to have enough money to please everybody with gifts!

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RolClub goes blogging!

Such a wonderful day for starting the brand new RolClub blog! This is a great day for all of us as we open a new chapter in RolClub’s book. We want to tell you beforehand, that we are going to provide you one of the best scouting job on investment opportunities that you have ever seen. We will work with passion and loyalty and this blog is going to be a real bookmarking god for your browsers!

This blog will also be the very first tool between RolClub’s team and its readers, visitors, advertisers. You will be “hearing” our voices  and opinions on this page as often as you will need it. We will value and appreciate each form of feedback we will get from you, whether it’s supportive or not. You will see that we will work on this blog with the same professionalism as we did and still do at our forum, which has already a name in the industry.

Together we will stay informed and prepared to strengthen our financial lifes by sharing these tips and helpful advices from our team. Our efforts will be oriented towards satisfying our readers, skeptical as they may be or open-minded as we want them to be.

We’re coming soon with the very first tips! Stay tuned, beloved RolClub tribe :)

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