MG Funds Update

The administration asks you to check it out and leave your feedback. On that page you will find an amazing number of HYIP monitors and the links to all of them are genuine (I emphasize this because we’ve seen lots of monitors that wanted to impress investors with the number of monitors and many links were fake).

MGFunds is really listed on 124 monitors at the moment which is an obvious proof of the desire of the admin to operate for as long as possible. All of them display PAYING payment statuses.  This means that you can get paid for voting on those websites that are starred. MGFunds is also discussed on a great number of HYIP forums where you should post your payment proofs after you get paid if you want to support this project and want it to operate for a long time bringing profit to you and other investors.

I remind that MGFunds offers 3% daily for 45 calender days with principal included in your daily profit. The minimum to invest is $30 and the maximum is limited to $10,000. The accepted payment processors are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay.

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Prim Fix

Hello and good evening friends. Welcome back. Well at least the beginning of this week, has been quite satisfactory, with all the high yield investment programs, even the short term high return programs that we joined are in paying status. Hopefully, this week will be better than the past week.

Well to begin with, the first post for today will concern a HYI Program, that has already established its presence almost all over the HYIP industry. No prizes for guessing, i am referring to Primfix, the high yield investmentprogram presenting a triad of short to medium term investment plans, that has been successfully operating for well over 47 days now. - Expect something Extra

Well, there are quite a few features regarding Primfix, i would like to discuss about. But let us first take a closer look at the investment plans.

The Investment Plans :

All the investment plans at Primfix are ‘ Paid at expiry’ plans, with the minimum accepted deposit in each of them being $10, is approachable to everybody.

Plan – A which is the first plan runs for a duration of 15 calendar days. On the expiry of the plan duration,you are paid a total return of 120% of your initial investments. The invested principal is included within the total return. As mentioned before the minimum investment has been kept affordable at $10. For investors who are willing to take bigger risks the maximum investment goes up to $10,000.

Therefore, for the sake of calculation, an investment of $100 in this plan promises $120 after 15 calendar days, with a total profit of $20.

The Plan – B at Primfix again a ‘ Paid at expiry ‘ plans offering 160% total return of your investments after aduration of 30 calendar days. The minimum deposit still is $10 with the maximum investment being$10,000.

A net investment of $100 in the Plan – B. promises a total return of $160 after 30 calendar days. The investors who had plunged in this plan, in the first days, have successfully recovored 160% total return.


The final plan at Primfix, called the Plan – C is the lengthiest plan, in terms of duration. The Plan – C extends for45 calendar days, on expiry of the duration you are returned 210% of your initial spend. Theminimum and maximum investment in this investment plan is again $10 and $10,000 respectively thus keeping even the final plan accessible to all.

Investors who are willing to take the risk of keeping their money deposited for 45 days, can expect a total return of more than double, that is 210%, obviously if everything goes well.

A spend of $100 in this plan, offers a total return of $210 at the end of 45 calendar days of investment.

Withdrawal Requests:

One has to request withdrawal after logging into their account at Primfix. Thereafter the withdrawal as mentioned in the FAQ page are to be processed within 48 hours. But till now, our withdrawal request has been processed far earlier than that.

The Payment Processors :

In terms of short term programs, Primfix definitely offers an appreciable list of e-currencies available for transactions. with LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay available for transactions, i guess most of the investors will be satisfied with the options provided.

Site Design, Hosting, Security Features :

Well, Primfix is one such HYI Program that has done quite a lot of work, to stand out of the flurry of short term programs launched everyday. Primfix runs on a customized script. Hosted on a Ddos protected dedicated server by Dragonara, one of the most reputable and expensive providers of Ddos protection and fully SSL Encrypted by Comodo, adequate security measures, comparable to the best programs in industry are in place.

Most interesting has been the continuous developments that Primfix has been making. After installation of thelive Chat and the dedicated forum, good to see they have brought a new concept in the HYIP industry. Its called the Primfix Lite. Going by the Facebook concept of Facebook Lite, must say quite an interesting innovation.

Presently, the Primfix management is attempting to promote their ‘Paid to promote system’ and trying to build a testimonial page. All this measures from the concerned management probably, at least proves their positive attitude, to sustain the program.

The support :

For general support, investors can always use the support form or the Live chat whenever the support staff is online.

Analysis :

The positives :

1. If you closely look at the investment plans, although all of them being ‘Paid at expiry’ plans, unlike the average short term programs coming up everyday, the investment plans are of much longer duration, there probably a bit more sustainable, if you consider the cash flow, which is always the primal in terms of successful performance of any HYI Program.

2. The payment processor options, that includes all the popular ones, is another factor, probably beneficial in maintaining a sustained cash flow.

3. A customised script, hosting on a Ddos protected dedicated server by Dragonara, SSL Encryption apart from the security measures also points to the expenditure incurred by the particular management.

4. A dedicated forum, and continuous innovations like Primfix helped the program to maintain the interest among the investors and create a distinct niche for itself, in an intensely competitive industry.

5. Lastly, the extensive promotions that the Primfix management has been undertaking, with leaderboard banners at the most expensive HYIP monitoring services and portals again is suggestive of the expenses undertaken for the promotion of Primfix. As mentioned on numerous occasions, i believe, probably a substantial reserve fund is required by the HYIP Admins to sustain a program during the slow seasons. Well the expenses by a particular HYIP management gives us a rough idea of the reserve funds.

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BeaTrust Presentation

BeaTrust company offers investment services to individuals and companies. Its’ team of 6 alternative investment and research specialists includes individuals with diverse backgrounds. They are experienced and qualified experts with a few years experience of investing in the capital market. To make it easier for you and to reduce your expenses, they use electronic payment systems in operations. BeaTrust accepts investors from all countries globally, irrespective of their citizenship.

The domain name of Beatrust company was registered on 23/11/2010 and it is paid till 23/11/2011. It’s not much time left till the end of registration, let’s hope they will pay for bigger period soon.

Now, lets talk about the investment plans of BeaTrust company. I am sure that for many kinds of investors, investment plans are the most important thing before making the whole picture about the HYIP project. So, now we will take a closer look to the investment plans of BeaTrust.

  1. Deposit range 1.00 – 100.00. daily percent of payouts 2% for 120 days. Currency accepted: EUR or USD. Bonus N/A. Principal back after 35 days, no fee!
  2. Deposit range 100.01 – 500.00. daily percent of payouts 2.3% for 120 days. Currency accepted: EUR or USD. Bonus 9% for investment over 300 USD or 300 EUR. Principal back after 30 days, no fee!
  3. Deposit range 500.01 – 5,000.00. daily percent of payouts 2.6% for 120 days. Currency accepted: EUR or USD. Bonus 9% . Principal back after 25 days, no fee!
  4. Deposit range 5,000.01 – 50,000.00 daily percent of payouts 2.9% for 120 days. Currency accepted: EUR or USD. Bonus 9%. Principal back – anytime, 12% fee!
  5. Deposit range 50,000.01 – 90,000.00 daily percent of payouts 3% for 120 days. Currency accepted: EUR or USD. Bonus 9%. Principal back – anytime. 15% fee!

To invest in BeaTrust you may use only LibertyReserve e-currency. BeaTrust said that Liberty Reserve e-currency has been proven the most efficient transaction method for both receiving and paying for investors.

Site is protected from DDoS attacks with the help of BlockDos company. Location of the server: US TX Houston, 77002 315 Capitol Suite 205.


BeaTrust GmbH
Gloriastrasse 335, CH-8092 Zürich
Switzerland, Europe

Operation time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CET) – Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CET) – Saturday. Office is closed on Sunday

You can visit BeaTrust company office any time of year and they do not require that you schedule your visit beforehand.

Also you can simply write a e-mail to the company here: [email protected]

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EarnoSphere Has Now a Forum

A program EarnoSphere ( continues its development and has some exciting news for you. This time the administration launched a forum on the website where all members of the program are welcome to take active part. First of all, you have to register on the forum in order to become its member. You can sign up here. You need to register on the forum because you won’t be able to log into it with your EarnoSphere account details.

Once you complete the registration on the forum, you can log in with those details which you used for the registration. Then you have to read the forum rules and then you can start posting. The administration recommends that you read those rules, because the violation of any of the terms will result permanent banning. A lot of features are planned to be added to the EarnoSphere forum and you are welcome to make any suggestions on how to improve it.

All members are invited to post payment proofs on the forum and preferably screenshots instead of plain copy/paste texts. By the way, a new referral contest is planned to be started. It will consist of 10 stages and the first one of them will be started soon. It is promised to be very amazing, profitable and interesting for all of you.

EarnoSphere has been successfully operating for 133 days, which is an impressive result for a program of its kind. If you want to make a deposit, you are welcome to choose from the following investment plans: 115% after 5 days, 135% after 10 days, 180% after 20 days, and 280% after 40 days and then choose a payment processor: AlertPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. The administration promises to have fresh news soon, and we will inform you about it once received. Stay tuned!

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Top Earn Money Comes With Good News, Alas!

TopEarnMoney has good news for its investors. According to the administration of this project company’s profit is increasing (they also make money out of the Forex market) therefore they decided to surprise investors and raise the interest rate up to 2.6% per day.

As you may remember, TopEarnMoney offers three investment plans and the change concerns only the long-term daily paying plan, and other two remain unchanged. From now on the offered interest rate in a long-term plan is 0.9%-2.6% daily (and it used to be 0.9%-1.6% daily). The more you invest in this plan – the higher your interest rate is:

  • $10-$1,000 0.9%
  • $1,001-$5,000 1.1%
  • $5,001-$10,000 1.3%
  • $10,001- $20,000 1.5%
  • $20,001- $30,000 1.7%
  • $30,001- $50,000 2.1%
  • $50,001- $200,000 2.6%

The investment period is 315 days. 0%,30%,50%,70% and 100% compounding is allowed. Your profit is accrued daily including weekends. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime and principal is returned on expiry. As I’ve already said, the other two plans were not changed: – Short-term Plan brings 107% after 10 days with minimum deposit amount $10. – Medium-term Plan offers 125% after 30 days. The minimum deposit amount is $100. TopEarnMoney accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.

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Rare Earth Group Presentation

In this article you will read about new and interesting program Rare Earth Group Invest ( Rare Earth Group Invest focused on sourcing and harvesting for rare rarth elements in the 3% of the world – from South Africa to Scandinavia, America, Russia. These unique locations are a critical alternative, when supply reduction policies take effect, as they have at a few points in the previous decade.

The domain name of Rare Earth Group Invest was registered on 18/02/2011 and it is paid till 18/02/2012. Not bad for a new company!

Now, we will check the details of investment plans. There are three unique investment plans for you to choose:

  • NEODYMIUM – 0.7% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $10 for 30 days. It is the shortes investment plan and you want to test the program then you should start with NEODYMIUM Plan.
  • YTTRIUM – 1.5% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $500 for 60 days. The administration claims that this plan is the best starting point for investors with some experience. Anyway, it’s always better to start with the small sum and check all details.
  • PROMETHIUM – 2.3% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $1000 for 90 days. The most profitable and the most long-termed plan of all in Rare Earth Group Invest company.

Also you have to know that: your capital will be returned in the end of investment period, maximum investment sum is $ 100 000. Program pays 7 (seven days a week)

On the site of this company you may find an online calculator. It is a really useful device that will help you!

Affiliate program is quite interesting. There are 5 levels of referral system (with the final 2 levels being reserved for the most experienced participants). You may earn additional 1%-6% of each investment from your referral link!

To operate with Rare Earth Group Invest you may use such e-currencies as Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

The security is really important for each HYIP program. We can say for sure that Rare Earth Group Invest has really high security level. SSL protection is provided by GoDaddy, Inc. and it is paid till 06/05/2012. DDoS protection belongs to BlockDos. Location of the server Is US TX Dallas, 75207 1950 N Stemmons Freeway.

Here is the information about how to contact the Rare Earth Group Invest: Timezone: UTC/GMT +2 hours Location: Johannesburg, South Africa E-mail: [email protected] Voicemail: +2711 083 5734

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Uinvest Maintainance Works

Don’t think they are going to scam :)

On Saturday 28th of May from 6pm to 7pm GMT we will be performing maintenance works on our servers. During this period of time UInvest website may be inaccessible. We apologize for possible inconvenience.

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Large Profit Fights Scam!

Spam is a known and a very common problem in the industry of high-yield investing.We encourage you not to invest in programs that are advertised through spam. We assume that any administrator can deal with spam, and investors should never invest in projects that are advertised in such a way. Thus, spam will be meaningless.
Recently we have received the following email:

Subject: Sure invest-Instant Withdraw / / / /
4% Reff.Comm
Support 24 / 7
Accept LR & PM
Create an account

It is brief and very specific. The following link was hidden under “create an account”: We followed that link, and saw a program called LargeProfit. As always in such cases, we informed the administrator that his program is advertised through spam, and we asked him to take action, otherwise he will be included in the WARNING list and will be named an accomplice to spammers. The administrator of LargeProfit turned out to be probably the first one that I remember, who not only immediately responded to this email, but even agreed to take action after our correspondence.

I am not saying that this correspondence went smoothly. In addition, I had to remind him about his own TOS , in which he explains the Anti-spam policy. However, the administrator fully agreed with my arguments and even promised to take measures (!). Meaning to block the account of a person who earned referral commissions in this forbidden way. I believe that no matter how LargeProfit will develop, the admin of this project should be an example for other admins. I hope that in the future it will be possible to give more examples of successful cooperation with administrators and to boast about successes fighting this unpleasant phenomenon.

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Briline Limited, Online for 2.5 Months

Recently I have sent out emails to many admins from our HYIP-list asking them to report on some news and tell us and our readers about their development. You probably noticed that there aren’t many active admins these days and they do not inform anything about their projects. However, when I make a deposit in some HYIP, I want that admin to inform me about the way my money is managed because I’m his client. Sometimes they simply post some general words about success and stuff but I think even such information is good because it at least shows that this admin is “alive”.

Well, as I’ve said I contacted almost all admins of programs from our HYIP-list and only three of them replied. And only one provided some information. It is the admin of BrilineLimited, the program that was launched on March 11, 2011. It has been online for 70 days and there are more than 1500 active investors now. Over this time it became possible to surf the website of this project in Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese. The administration also informs that you should feel free to contact them if you have questions and they also offer multilingual support.

You can contact them via live chat, a phone (+44 16 1408 3746) or an email. There are different email addresses for different issues, therefore check them out on “Contacts” page. I want to remind that BrilineLimited offers two investment plans: 1.5% daily for 45 calendar days ($10-$499) and 2% daily for 120 calendar days ($500-$25,000) with compounding feature and a 5% signup bonus in the second one. Principal is returned on expiry in both plans. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, AlertPay and Bank Wire.

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Press Release from Lucrativa

There are some updates from the administration of LucrativaFund ( we want to inform you about. First of all they added Twitter and from now on you can follow LucrativaFund on Twitter by clicking on the icon on the left of the main page. It is actively updated and you can find all most important news there. It is great when admins use some additional tools for promoting their projects and communicating with investors. I’m sure you have already understood that information is one of the most important components of HYIP industry for us and we actively support those HYIP admins that try to provide as much information as possible.

In our latest news about LucrativaFund I informed you about the investment plans of the program (read here). Well, there is a new plan for those who prefer withdrawing daily. It offers 12-14% daily for 10 days (120-140% total). As you can see, it offers the same interest rates as a basic 10 days plan but you can withdraw daily and the minimum deposit amount is $50 in this plan. As for me, this new plan is much more preferable because even if something happens with the program before 10 days term expires (not with this one in particular, I mean generally in such cases), you will have at least some part of your deposit back. However, the deposit minimum amount is quite large.

Richard also asks everyone not to hesitate and ask questions if you have some. You can do that via Online Chat support or by calling +4536987780 (9AM – 8PM, GMT+1). By the way, you can also make some money by referring people to the program. You will receive 3%-7% depending on the number of referrals. Another way to make money is to supportLucrativaFund by voting on monitors and posting payment proofs on forums. You will get $3 for voting on top 10 HYIP monitors which you like and $3 for posting 10 payment proofs on different top HYIP forums.

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