FxGran Review

For today i would like to focus on FxGran, a HYI Program, that has been launched on 5 th March. With the first cycle of the plans, being successfully completed, probably this is the best time for the review.

FxGran presents three Investments plans, all of them running for a duration of 7 business days.

The first Investment Plan, one that is approachable to all of us called the GRAN STARTER, offers a return of 17% daily for 7 calendar days. Therefore, the total return at the end of the term of 7 calendar days is 119%. The minimum deposit accepted to join the GRAN STARTER is $10, with themaximum investment being $1000. The Break-even point [A factor, very important in this sort of plans], is reached at the 6 th business day [Time required to recover your investments], thereafter one enters the profit zone.

An investment of $100, in this plan promises a $17 as daily return, with the accumulated return [ including your principal] at the end of 7 business days is $119.

GRAN GOLDEN the second plan at FxGran, offers a daily return of 20% daily for 7 businessdays.Thus, the total return is 140%, including your principal. The invested principal is recovered within 5 business days [ Break-even point] with the returns of the last two days being your profit. The minimum deposit to join the GRAN GOLDEN being $1001 is out of the domain of the average HYIP investors. But as always, there will always be some professional investors, interested in this plan.

Coming to the last plan, GRAN ULTIMATE, is another offering from FxGran, targeting the high-end investors. The GRAN ULTIMATE offers a daily return of 23% daily. for the same duration of 7 calendar days. The total return, including the principal is 161%. The minimum ans maximuminvestment for this most profitable, as well as most risky plan at FxGran is $3501 and $100,000respectively.

The accepted Payment Processors:

FxGran has included all the popular ones, namely LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.

Withdrawal Requests:

The withdrawal requests are to be requested, after logging into FxGran account. Thereafter, the withdrawal requests are to be processed manually. As mentioned in their FAQ page, the concerned administrators have requested a time period of maximum 72 hours, for processing withdrawals. But, as off now, the withdrawal requests have been processed well within 3 to 4 hours.

Site Design, Hosting and Security Features:

FxGran runs on a licensed Goldcoder’s script, sporting a clean professional design, with the investment plans explained clearly in the home page itself. FxGran is being hosted on a dedicated Ddos protected server server by koddos.comSSL Encryption, another feature that we consider extremely important to protect the investor’s account from the not so secure general internet is also in place. SSL certificate is provided by Comodo.

Support to the investors:

There are two ways, to contact the concerned management. First, by the online support form and secondly by the live chat widget.


1. Certainly, first that comes up are the investment plans. This sort of plans, had been hugely popularized by one extremely popular HYI Program, that did run for a surprisingly long duration.

2. All the three popular e-currencies have been accepted for transactions.

3. Ddos protection and SSL Enncryption, by reputable providers have been installed.

4.Promotions: FxGran, what it appears presently,is primarily concentrating on the expensive Russian monitoring services for promotion. Although it has also been listed at two of the costly English portal and monitoring service.

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Fixed Monthly Income Reviewed!

Fixed Monthly Income is a long-term HYIP that the admin told me opened around 07/22/2010. I’m unable to confirm this as I only became aware of the program last month. I’m not saying the program has not been around, open to private investors, only that my research tells me the program opened mid-February. The Alexa graph below, shows traffic to the site started in February, and this is also the time that Fixed Monthly Incomestarted advertising with different HYIP monitoring sites.

Anyway, lets start off by taking a look at the frequently asked questions most HYIP investors have:

  • Deposits are accepted by Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union.
  • Withdraws are processed within 48 hours on business days Monday through Friday. After request it can take 2 to 5 days for funds to transfer.
  • Minimum deposit is $1,000.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $500.
  • Initial investment can be withdrawn at any time.

First, I’m going to address the fact that the program requires a minimum deposit of $1,000, more than I suggest investing in any HYIP, and more than most investors are interested in putting into any one program. So, if you are interested in this program, please realize the risk and do not spend funds that you are not willing to lose (or that you cannot afford to lose!).

While probably not unique, I haven’t seen a program quite like Fixed Monthly Income. It definitely is a long-term investment as 

far as HYIPs are concerned below is the program’s payment structure:

There is only one plan with Fixed Monthly Income, and if you were to invest the minimum $1,000 into the program, you should receive $100 monthly. It would take four (4) months before you could make your first withdraw due to the as the minimum withdraw being $500. It would take four (4) months instead of (5) because you should receive a 10% bonus on month 3. You should break-even with the program on month seven (7) when you would be able to make your second withdraw. You’re able to withdraw your initial investment at any time, so there’s the possibility to break-even or get out in profit earlier if you choose to withdraw your investment.

I hope the risk is evident to all of you as the program is very long-term as far as HYIPs go. Many high-yield programs do not even make it for seven months, and several months is definitely a long period to wait before you can make a withdrawal.

Moving on, lets take a bit of time to look at the security of the site. My standard Whois Search provided typical information, listing little information other than the Panama City address and contact information that is found on the site. I haven’t attempted to contact the admin through means other than email, so I cannot verify if the phone number is in service. The IP Search tells us that the program is hosted on a dedicated server by Piradius. There is no DDoS protection offered, however at the same time there is no online account, all funds are transferred directly from bank to bank or through Western Union, so there is no risk of having your money stolen by someone hacking the account. The one security measure that is missing is a SSL certificate. As the site requires you to submit bank information, I feel this is a rather large red flag. Without a secure encrypted submission, it’s possible that your account number (along with the bank account name) could be retrieved by a hacker or a malicious program.

As the program claims to be running since 2010, I felt it necessary to take a look at their Alexa graph to do a traffic analysis:

Unfortunately, traffic information doesn’t start until mid February of this year, so all we have is what can be seen above. The above traffic graph isn’t the most promising, but is, in my opinion, to be expected with this sort of program. The typical spike a high-yield program sees in traffic isn’t as pronounced with Fixed Monthly Income due to the high minimum requirement to invest in the program. There will only be a small number of HYIP investors interested in this sort of program due to the long-term to hit break-even-point and the large minimum investment required.

Well, I don’t have much else to talk about at this time, so I’m going to wrap things up. I’ll definitely keep an eye on Fixed Monthly Income and pass any information I receive along as this program has attracted my interest. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I always take the time to answer my emails. So until next time, keep walking through the world of HYIP investing!

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Wall Street Company Review

Hi friends, welcome back to Rol Club Blog

Getting over the short term fiasco, of last week, let us move on to some more interesting HYI Programs.Wall Street Company, launched on 18th February, has already been operating for three weeks now.

The Investment Plans:

The most interesting aspect of Wall Street Company, i feel are the plans. Probably a lot of research regarding the market conditions, has gone into the genesis of Wall Street Company plans. It seems they have taken into consideration, the present mood of a major section of HYIP investors, who are probably a bit worried to keep their hard earned money invested for a long duration [And rightly so]. Furthermore, although there are a few extremely short duration plans, the returns as such are not that high, and appears quite sustainable in terms of the High Yields.

Wall Street Company - Welcome to rich investors world

With this adieu, let us move on to the investment plans proper. The first plan, named as the Happy Plan, is probably the one, where everybody can test out. The Happy Plan, runs for an extremely shortduration of 3 business days, with a daily return of 0.8%. The minimum to join this plan is $5, and the maximum is $2,500. The principal is returned at the end of 3 business days.

Therefore, as you can see the plans provide a pretty low return in terms of HYIP standards, and appears to be quite sustainable. An investment of $100, offers $2.4 as daily returns, and with the invested principal returned at the end of the term, the total profit is $102.4.

The next plan is the Elan Plan, that runs for 7 business days, promising a return of 1% daily Theminimum investment, has again been kept approachable at $10. The maximum deposit accepted for the Elan Plan is $5,000.

Being another low-ROI short duration plan, Wall Street Company‘s Elan plan, offers a total return 107% [ 100% Principal returned at the end of the term and 7% as daily returns]

In these first two plans, no compounding is available.

Moving on, the third plan at Wall Street Company, called the Nautilus, promises a daily return of 1.2% for 21 business days.The minimum and maximum investment at Nautilus, being $10 and$10,000 respectively, is again approachable to all, thus rendering some benefits to maintain the cash flow.There with the principal returned at the end of therm, the total return accumulates to 125.20%.

So, a $100 deposit in this plan, offers a daily return of $1.2, with the total return being $125.20 [if you add the principal returned]

From the third plan onwards, investors have the compounding option, to avail. Well, as you may know, compounding is always a double edged sword, therefore advice should always be to recover your principal, before thinking of the compounding option.

The fourth plan at Wall Street Company promises a promises a daily return of 1.4% for 40 business days.With, the principal returned at the end, the total return, that can be expected is 158%. Theminimum investment accepted at the fourth plan, called the Nova Espero, is $250, although not that low, but still will interest many, if the program does well in the future.

The last plan presented at Wall Street Company is runs for the longest duration, that is 60 business days, promising a daily return of 1.7% . The minimum to join the Pacific is $500, and the maximumgoes up to $100,00.

Like all the other plans, deposited principal is returned at Nova Espero and Pacific.


As mentioned before, compounding is available in the last three plans of Wall Street Company.

The accepted e-currencies:

Wall Street Company has included the three most popular payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.

Withdrawal requests:
Our withdrawal requests have been processed instantly, till now. But, if you go by the FAQ page at theWall Street Company site, the respective administrators have requested an interval 48 hours, to process the payouts.

Site Design, Hosting and Security Features:
Wall Street Company boasts a clean and simple design, yet providing the necessary information in the home page. The sites runs on a licensed Goldcoder’s script. Wall Street Company is hosted on a dedicated Staminus server, with Ddos protection from BlockDos. Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] has been provided by Comodo.

Advertising And Promotions:

The administrators of Wall Street Company, are probably concentrating more on the English monitoring services and has roped in almost all of the costly monitors and portals.


1. As mentioned earlier, the most interesting aspect of Wall Street Company are it’s well thought out plans. Probably going by the present scenario, they have presented something for everybody, at least in terms of the plan duration. The minimum deposit, for all the plans, will be keeping a major section of HYIP investors, interested. Well, many may feel, the returns are a bit lower in terms of HYIP standards. But personally, it does not bother me, as long as it pays.

2. The payment processors, available for transactions, although not very extensive, but definitely includes the most popular ones, particularly AlertPay.

3. The necessary security measures, Ddos protection and SSL from reputable providers have been installed.

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Easy Cash Fund Review

Easy Cash Fund has been launched in the major forums on 25th February, therefore as of now, its a fresh earning opportunity hardly 4 days old, offering a set of short term Paid at expiry plans. [Well, as we perhaps all know, the age of high yield programs, particularly in case of the short term ones, is a crucial factor, when deciding on whether to invest in a particular program offering short term plans.]

Investment plans:

With this introduction, let us now move on to the most important aspect of any high yield investmentprogram, that is the investment plans offered.

The first plan at Easy Cash Fund, is called the Easy Cash Beginner, which matures after a duration of 5 days. Easy Cash Beginner has two sub-plans, the beginner 1, accepts deposits between $5 and $300, and promises a return of 115% after 5 calendar days. The Beginner 2 offers a return of120% after 5 calendar days. Although the minimum to join this sub plan being $301, is a bit high for the liking of the average HYIP investors, There will certainly be a section of HYIP investors,  who will be closely following his plan.The maximum deposit allowed in the Beginner 2 plan is $3000.

A $100 investment in the beginner plan, promises a total return of $115 after 5 calendar days.

The second plan at Easy Cash Fund, is probably targeting those investors, who would not mind to take more risk, in order to gain more profit. This plan called the Easy Cash Advanced is again classified into two sub-plans, each of then running for a duration of 10 daysEasy Cash Advanced 1 offers a total return of 135% after 10 calendar days, with the minimum deposit to join the Easy Cash Advanced 1 plan being $100. The maximum investment entertained in this plan is $500.

Therefore, $100 deposit in the Easy Cash Advanced 1 plan offers $135 after 10 calendar days.

Easy Cash Advanced 2 plan offers a return 145%, paid on completion of the duration of the plan, that is 10 days. As you must have guessed, Easy Cash Advanced 2 is the higher end sub plan of the second plan at Easy Cash Fund, with the minimum and maximum investment being $501 and $7,000 respectively.

The final plan at Easy Cash Fund is the riskiest of the plans, as well as the most profitable. Easy Cash Professional, again has two sub plans. The first one accepting deposits above $200, promises atotal return of 160% after 15 calendar days. The maximum deposit accepted in Easy Cash Professional 1 is $700.

Finally Easy Cash Professional 2 promises a whopping total return of 175% after 15 calendar days, if everything goes well that is. The minimum deposit being $701 for this plan, well probably there will not be many of us, the average HYIP investors, willing to keep that much of money for such a long duration. The maximum investment accepted for this plan is $10,000.

The Payment processors:

All the three major payment processors, that is LibertyReservePerfectMoney and the popularAlertPay are available for transactions at Easy Cash Fund.

Withdrawal requests:

As mentioned, in their FAQ page, the withdrawal requests are to be processed instantly, once you log into your Easy Cash Fund account and request a withdrawal.

Site Design, Hosting and Security Features:

Easy Cash Fund boasts professional, informative, cleanly designed template. Easy Cash Fund operates on a licensed GoldCoder’s script and is hosted on a dedicated server by the very reliable Dragonara. In a week, disturbed by so many episodes of Ddos attacks on many popular programs, Easy Cash Fundnever encountered, any episode of downtime till now. Probably, the credit for this should go to Dragonara. Further security enhancements like SSL Encryption, has also been installed.

Support to the investors:

There are two ways, contact can be established with the concerned administrators, firstly by the online support forms and secondly, by the live support, which has been active for most of the day.

HYIP Analysis:


1.Minimum deposit of $5 – Certainly important to maintain the cash flow, the all important factor in the sustainability of any high yield.

2.A reasonable range of accepted e-currencies namely LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. Personally, we do feel it is much more prudent to choose AlertPay as the payment processor, particularly for the high ROI plans, for obvious reasons.

3.The 5 day paid at expiry investment plans, are probably one of the favorite plans, among the short term HYIP lovers. We have seen many HYI Programs like TrueEarn and HugMoney, with similar plans successfully running for more than 3 months.

4.Ddos protection by Dragonara.Going by their excellent performance till now, hopefully there will be no downtime issues at Easy Cash Fund.[We should also remember, Dragonara is one of the most expensive, therefore giving us, an idea about the expenditure incurred by the concerned administrators.

5.Promotions and advertisements: As we know, an immediate buzz, is important for the High ROI HYIP s, so as to attract the investors. Well, the administrators of Easy Cash Fund has listed their program, in most of the expensive English and Chinese monitors.

Points to Remember:

Friends Easy Cash Fund is a HYI Program, offering high return plans. Therefore, we the investors, should not ever forget the Golden rules [ Do not spend more than you can afford to loose.]

As the case is usually with High ROI HYIP games, there will be some investors, who will be in profit, with the highest chance to be in profit,being for the early birds. As mentioned on several occasions before, the questions ‘when to join’ and when to leave’ are absolutely crucial, particularly for a program offering high ROI plans.

Well, that’s all for this post. Hopefully i have successfully covered all the relevant points.

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Income Logic Review

Today I am here again to review a new long term program Income Logic. According to the details mentioned on their website, the program invests in micro investment projects. Well without talking much I would just want to tell my readers to consider this as any other HYIP program, no matter how real it looks. Always play safe in the HYIP arena. Income Logic includes four different plans alongwith 5% of referral commission that is paid on every referral investment. Let us take a closer look at the plans now.

All four plans return principal after the expiry of the plan. First plan is called Logic 2.0, it runs for 30 days and pays 2.0% daily. The total profit on this plan will be 60% + principal. To be a part of this plan you should invest at least $5 and maximum limit of investing is $5,000. Second plan is calledLogic 2.1, it pays 2.1% daily for 45 days. The profit on this plan is 94.5% plus principal earned. Minimum investment required in this plan is $100 and maximum is $10,000. Third plan Logic 2.2 pays2.2% daily and runs for 50 days. Minimum investment required in this plan is $500 and maximum is $10,000. There is a profit of 110% with this plan. Fourth and last plan Logic 2.3 pays 2.3% daily for 60 days. (Profit of 138%) Minimum investment needed in this plan is $1,000 and maximum is $15,000. Except the first plan all other plans look pretty expensive to me. However you would need to wait till the end of the term to earn the principal back.

You can invest in Income Logic either through LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. The admin has mentioned in FAQ section that they are considering adding more processors very soon. So, let us hope that we will be able to see some verified processor added very soon. Profits will be paid daily and you have to withdraw profits manually from your accounts to your e-currency account. Since the payments are done manually, the admin has requested to allow him at least 12 hours to complete the payment. There is a facility of opening more than one account in Incomelogic.

Now let us talk about the security and design of Income LogicIncome Logic does have a decent design and is using modified version of the solid neversay script. Incomelogic is hosted on a dedicated server supported by BlackLotus, which is a well-known and strong hosting provider in the industry. BlackLotus also provides DDoS protection, and are very well known for their hosting services, especially in this industry. Income Logic also uses128 bit SSL encryption which means that all the data from and to the site are well protected.

Right now it would be wrong to predict anything about Income Logic since it is new. I feel it is a good program with couple of affordable plans. But is it going to survive? Well, I can’t answer that question not only about Income Logic but any other program as well. I can just bring the positive and negative aspects of a particular program but not the fate of the program of course, so make use different sources, proper due diligence and put your strategies into work and then decide whether you want to invest here or not. However I do believe that early birds do have a good chance of make some profit here.Its still early in the week, so put your thinking hat on and start looking for all the best opportunities out there.

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Permanent Profit Review

Service is a thing that for the most part is forgotten, or overlooked, in our small industry but is something we should definitely look for in all aspects of life. To serve is to put our personal wants or needs aside and provide something to others. This blog serves all of you with information, and hopefully this gives you knowledge that you can use for your own entertainment, however you wish to use it. This is a bit foreign of an idea, because most sites out there in our industry aren’t built to serve you.

True, there are a good number of sites out there dedicated to providing you, potential investors, with information, but at the same time, they are trying to meet their own needs by referring you to programs and increasing their downlines. RCB, on the other hand is built solely to serve you readers. Here, we’re not trying to get you to do anything.  I don’t try to get you to join any program.

Anyway, lets move on to the topic of the night, a program called Permanent Profit.

Permanent Profit is a long-term program that opened January 26th, 2011. Running just over a month, at this point I’ve had no problem withdrawing my earnings. Jumping right in lets take a look at the common questions asked by potential investors:

  • Deposits are accepted via Liberty Reserve (LR) and Perfect Money (PM).
  • Minimum investment is $10.00.
  • Withdraws are processed manually within 72 hours five (5) days a week Monday through Friday.
  • Initial deposit can be withdrawn at any time for a 20% fee.
  • No minimum withdraw amount.

Permanent Profit has a fairly standard plan, offering a daily earning five (5) days a week on trading days (Monday through Friday). Every plan is the same in that there is no ending date on the investment. When you deposit into a plan, you should receive earnings every trading day until the program closes or you withdraw your principal. As stated above, you can withdraw your principal deposit whenever you wish for a 20% fee.

So, lets take a look at the first plan. For deposits of $10 to $2000, I expect this is the plan that will generate the most interest from investors. If you were to deposit $100, you should receive $1.20 daily for as long as you keep your deposit in the program. After 17 days if you withdraw your principal you’ll have earned a $0.40 profit, so technically it’s the first break-even point. The break-even point without withdrawing principal is after 84 days, so starting day 85 every withdrawal will be pure profit.

The second plan is identical to the first with the only difference being you earn $1.60 dailyand the minimum deposit is $2001, a substantial increase from the first plan. As I don’t recommend investing large sums in HYIPs due to the very high risk of loss, lets move on and take a closer look at the program itself.

First, I did a Whois search and an IP search. The whois search unfortunately doesn’t show us much due to privacy protection. We see the domain registration dates and that’s about it. The domain has extended registration but as we know, this does not reflect the length of time a HYIP will last, so it tells us very little. Moving on lets take a look at the results of the IP search:

We see from the IP search that the site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection by Genius Guard. Additionally, Permanent Profit features SSL encryption through Comodo. The only red flag I found with the program’s security is the use of an unlicensed GoldCoders script.

GoldCoders scripts typically are considered weak, with the possibility of being hacked more easily that other more complex and better protected scripts in the industry. In fact, my host, Black Lotus Communications has warned me multiple times of the weakness of GoldCoders scripts and the potential for back-door hacking. And this concern is with a licensed version of the program. An unlicensed version is much more risky, having potential backdoors and a higher risk of the chance the program itself is hacked or money stolen.

Lets take a look at Permanent Profit’s Alexa graph and do a bit of a traffic analysis:

Now, we see the traditional spike that HYIP programs see when they enter the market and begin advertising. This is a normal phenomenon, occurring due to a sudden growth in visitors while the site is fresh on the forums and with monitors. We see a drop after, and the traffic is still fluctuating. We haven’t seen a growth trend start yet; however the program is still young for a relatively low ROI, long-term program, so this isn’t a cause for concern at this time. What we really want to see in the future, over the next month or so, is the traffic to steady into a non-growth or a steady growth trend. This would show that the program has interest from potential investors and that it has the potential as a long-term program to be a successful program. At this time, we can only see a small picture, and it’s as of yet uncertain how things will pan out.

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Midas Gold Fund – Fill Your Pockets With Gold

In this wonderful weekend we are going to review a nice looking program, and that is – Midas Gold Fund.

The website has some awesome goldish, warm looks, which make you feel like you are in a middle of a cornfield.

Midas Gold Fund opened to investors on January 24th and has been making daily payments everyday since. Since we’re all here to learn more about the program and not make small-talk, lets move right ahead and take a look at the major features of the program:

  1. Deposits are accepted in Liberty Reserve (LR), Perfect Money (PM) and Alert Pay (AP).
  2. Principal is returned at the end of investment.
  3. Payments are made 7 days a week and withdraws are processed within 24 hours.
  4. No withdraw minimum is listed but remember Alert Pay’s minimum is $1.00.
  5. Minimum amount you can invest is $10.00.

Now that we know the basic information about the program, lets take a look at the investment plans offered by https://midasgoldfund.com/. First, it’s important to note that all plans last for 30 days and there is no option to withdraw your principal early. So, be sure before investing you’re willing to lock in your money for 30 days.

Midas Gold Fund has six (6) different investment options depending on the amount you invest.

The first plan offers 1.7% daily for 30 days. There’s a minimum deposit of $10 with a maximum of $1000, so from experience, I believe most investors will be interested in this plan. If you were to invest $100 in this plan you should receive $1.70 daily for 30 days for a total of $51. After return of your principal you should have $151 and have a profit of $51, not too bad for a one (1) month investment.

For those willing to take higher risk, the second plan offers 1.9% daily for 30 days. As all the investment options are essentially the same, you’ll find with a $1000 investment you receive $19 daily for 30 days for a total of $570. So, after 30 days when you get your principal back you should have a total of $1,570. The remaining plans require too high of investment amounts for me. But, that is just for me. Of course, there are high players who only go for those amounts.

My review process starts with an in-depth examination of the program’s website, to determine if a number of red-flags show up. First, I check out the site itself to determine if the text used is original or ripped-off of other company websites. The text on Midas Gold Fund is original for the most part, if not a bit generic. The program uses a licensed GoldCoders script, so some of the texts are provided with the script.

The next thing I do is check the site’s security. The first thing I do is a Whois search and an IP search. The Whois search unfortunately didn’t give me any useful information as the site has privacy protection, but the IP search gave me the following:

So, we know from the above information that Midas Gold Fund is hosted with DDoS protection on a Dragonara dedicated server. In addition, we can find on the site that SSL encryption is available through Comodo.

I took a look at Midas Gold Fund’s Alexa traffic analysis, and I can see an awesome increase, the site being at Alexa 75 000, which is a very, very good rating. The program had a spike at its beginning but now things are going great. At the current stage of the program, it’s really impossible to forecast what will happen next, but I have a feeling that this goldish program is going the right way. Time is the only thing we can rely on to tell us they program’s length and whether it will be profitable for investors.

I have received my first few withdraws from the program and everything seems to be going without any concern at this time. The program has announced a contest, a “payment proof contest” where $100 will be awarded to a winner who posts payment proofs, more details can be found: HERE. The contest ended on 13th February and I am real happy for the winners.

Anyway, I hope you all learned a bit more about Midas Gold Fund, as always if you have any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer. Until next time, thank you for walking with me through the world of HYIP investing!

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Exotic Fx

The administration of a recently added program at HYIPNews,com called ExoticFX (exoticfx.net) has sent out a newsletter introducing the project and explaining its main business ideas. You might wonder why this project has such an interesting name. The thing is that this project is engaged in exotic FOREX trading: “For most, exotic forex has little meaning. It is a field of trading that even the majority of traders will never get into. What is exotic forex? Typically exotics are considered the trading of currencies outside strict adherence to the Majors. Such as the Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real, Thai Baht and South African Rand.”

However, the field of activities of ExoticFX is not limited to only exotic FOREX trading. They also specialize in all fields of Foreign Exchange including trading of Crosses, Majors, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) as well as Heavily Leveraged ETF’s and Emerging Market Stocks. Therefore the administration of the program encourages you to invest and receive profit. All the rest they will do for you. You also should not worry about the safety of your funds because according to them: “To top off our program we have anticipated all the problems that can exist in the online arena and have implemented several safeguards in our operations both with the website and the server to assure every investor their funds are safe and that we are here for the long-haul.”

It offers eight investment plans with daily and term returns. Daily return plans bring 1% for 120 trading days (Monday-Friday), 1.2% for 140 trading days, 1.45% for 160 business days, and 2% for 180 business days. Term return plans pay on expiry and offer 1% daily for 2 weeks, 1.28% daily for 4 weeks, 1.55% daily for 6 weeks, or 2.3% daily for 8 weeks plans. Principal is returned on expiry in all plans. If you have any questions, you should contact the administration of ExoticFX and they will gladly answer them.

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INQ Investments Review

Today we’d like to represent you the INQ Investments (inqinvestments.com) project, which was added to our hyip list on the February 3, 2011. It has been monitored by HYIPNews already for 19 days. Registered in England and Wales with Registration Number 07480253. INQ Investments is a new program that invests in early-stage technology companies, mutual funds, stocks and commodities, it has reliable percent of payouts and this fact makes us believe that INQ Investments project that will stay for more then one month online. The domain name: Inqinvestments.com created on: 24-Dec-10 and the expires on: 24-Dec-11. All investors opting secured plans have an option of requesting Agreement/Contract Papers and Security Check for a small fee of $25 (Documentation and Shipment).

Investment Plans. The INQ Investments has 4 investment plans to chose. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. All investment plans have an option of withdrawing principle amount. Anyway you have to contact support for principal withdrawal request.

  • Plan Tier 1: the minimum deposit $ 25 Daily profit: 0.8% Period for 90 days, the maximum sum you can invest is $500.
  • Plan Tier 2: the the minimum deposit $ 501 or above daily profit: 0.9% Period for 90 days.

As we can see the program terms of the first and the second investment plans are equal.

  • Advance Tier 1: minimum deposit $ 25 – $ 500 the daily profit: 0.9% for the 180 days period.
  • Advance Tier 2: minimum deposit $ 501 or above the daily profit: 1.0% for the 180 days period.

INQ Investments has also two secured investment plans, the difference between the usual and secured plans: the secured plans accept only AlterPay, Moneybookers and Bank Wire. All clients investing in secured plans receive agreement papers and post dated check for the principle amount from INQ Securities. Let’s take a closer look at these plans!

  • Tier 1 – If you invest in this plan $ 500 or more, the daily profit will be 0.5% for 90 days.
  • Tier 2 – Minimum deposit is $ 500 or above, the daily percent 0.6% for 180 Days.

Referral Program. INQ Securities propose referral system to its clients. You can earn 5% of your referrals’ deposits. Your referral link can be found in the member area. You just should make a registration on the INQ Securities site.

Payment Options.
INQ Securities accepts – AlterPay, Liberty Reserve, STP, Master Card, Visa and Bank Wire.

General Website Features.
The design of the website is quite simple, the description of the investment plans is not full. For example it is not mentioned the maximum sum you can invest or simply there are no limits for the investment. There is no information about the compounding option. Anyway, there is information on the main page that INQ Securities has banking partners like: BARCLAYS and ICICI Bank.

Security Features.
The is no DDoS protection but we hope that this company will have it soon. SSL encryption is also present on the website. As you can see the site is really new and doesn’t have all the things to make your money feel safe.

Contact Methods. All the contact information you may need is present on the website.
Email: [email protected]

Office Address:
Office 2902, Hollybank House, 7 Old
Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6AQ UK
Tel: +44 203 514 1521

Level 7, Maximus Towers, Mindspace Complex,
Hitec City, Hyderabad 500081, India
Tel: +91 9000 490 989

United Kingdom:
Office 2902, Hollybank House,
7 OldWareham Road,
Poole, Dorset, BH16 6AQ, UK
Tel: +44 203 514 1521

Level 7, Maximus Towers, Mindspace Building,
Raheja IT Park, Hitec City,
Hyderabad – 500081, India
Tel: +91 9000 490 989
Office 2902, Hollybank House, 7 Old
Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6AQ UK
Tel: +44 203 514 1521

Level 7, Maximus Towers, Mindspace Complex,
Hitec City, Hyderabad 500081, India
Tel: +91 9000 490 989

United Kingdom:
Office 2902, Hollybank House,
7 OldWareham Road,
Poole, Dorset, BH16 6AQ, UK
Tel: +44 203 514 1521

Level 7, Maximus Towers, Mindspace Building,
Raheja IT Park, Hitec City,
Hyderabad – 500081, India
Tel: +91 9000 490 989

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Bizz 4 Review

Good day to all my readers and friends. This is my 2nd post of today and I am going to introduce to you a brand new investment program called “bizz-4.biz“. It is a short term hyip game with high returns and state-of-the-art security systems installed in it. The program has officially launched just 2 days ago, so it is fairly new at this point. We shall start to look at its investment plans first.

Investment Plans :
I would like to say that they have a huge array of investment plans available for everyone. Their investment plans ranges from 1 day to 30 days. The minimum deposit is 5 US Dollar, the percentage of interest varies on how long and how much you are going to invest. The much you invest, the bigger return you will get.

The first plan they are offering is of 2 days term and the daily return is 55.25% to 67% based on your invested amount. Like, for $5 to $400 investment range, your daily return will be 55.25% and for investment range of $401 to $700, the return will be 55.50%. Using the same incremental structure, the next deposit range of $701 to $1,050 will give you 56% daily earning for the same 2 days. So the minimum return you can earn is 55.25% and maximum it can go up to 67% based on the size of your deposit. The daily return also includes your principal amount along with the profit. For an example, if you deposit $100 in this plan, then as per the structure you will earn (55.25 x 2) = 110.5% of total return where the profit is 10.5% in just 2 days.

Their second plan is having the term of 3 days and it offers daily return ranging from 39% to 42% based on the size of your invested amount. This plan is also having the same incremental structure like the previous plan and the minimum deposit required is just $5. Here also the daily return is inclusive your principal amount which you can withdraw in daily basis.

Apart from those above mentioned daily paying plans, there are 7 more plans with different terms. These plans are all working on “paid at expiry” model and the total return will vary as per the invested amount. This picture contains the minimum and maximum return for each 7 plans. The minimum deposit is just $5 for all the plans. Remember, “paid at expiry” model doesn’t allow daily withdrawal. Here, the 3 days term means, you will get back the total amount after 3 days. So I will request my readers not to invest in any plans other than the plan with 1 day term. Longer term for this kind of short term hyip is always much more riskier than anything.

Security, Script and Support services :
The security of the website is just fine it contains a DDos protected shared Staminus server rented by Genius Guard. Their contact country is at Luxembourg. Since it is hosted by Staminus Communications, its IP can be traced at United States. It also has SSL certificate. Their website has been registered at February 17, 2011 and will expire at Feb 26, 2012. Click here to view the complete whois record.

The script is a Goldcoders script but it’s not licensed. The “FAQ” page contains only the default questions.

Their support services only contains traditional mail ticket system. No phone or live chat support is present.

E-currency and Affiliate Program:
They accept both perfect money and liberty reserve. They are also offering a currency exchange at their website , they exchange perfect money to liberty reserve and vice verse. They offer 17% referral commission, it’s pretty high than the others and not sustainable.

I would say that this is a very average HYIP game. Since it is just 3 days old it might still be a good idea to join, but I suggest you only go for the short term plans just to be safe. You can also take advantage of their high affiliate program if you want to earn some money without risking too much. Nevertheless, always only invest what you can afford to lose.

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