Majestic Funds Review

Leaving behind the ‘short term paid at expiry’ programs, let us concentrate on a HYI Program offering ‘daily paid’ that has been functioning successfully for over three weeks now.

The Investment Plans :

MajesticFunds being launched on 19th April, offers three investment plans each of the running for 8 calendar days. The daily returns vary according to the volume of investment.[Previously, the returns were paid on business days, but as par reported by the respective administration, due to request by many investors, the plans were changed from business days to calendar days]

The first plan called the Entrepreneur Plan, is the most basic plan available at MajesticFunds that offers14.5% daily return for 8 calendar days. Thereby promising a total return of 116%. Being the most basic plan, the Entrepreneur Plan is the one approachable to all investors, with the minimum deposit being$10. The maximum investment goes up to $2500.

For making the things clearer, an investment of $100 in this plan offers a daily return of $14.5, with the total return being $116. Certainly not that high ROI, in comparison to HYIP standard, probably that has played a role in its successful performance so far.

The next plan at MajesticFunds called the Capitalist Plan promises 16.5% daily of your investment for the same duration of 8 calendar days. The total return, if you calculate sums up to 132%. The Capitalist Plan isopen to deposits ranging starting from $2501 going up to $15,000. Therefore, obviously this plan concentrated on the professional investors.

The third and the final plan at MajesticFunds is the most high return plan.The Tycoon Plan promises to provide a daily return of 18.5% daily for 8 calendar days, offering a total return of 148%. The minimum investment for this plan is $15,001. About the maximum deposit accepted, well there is no limit to that.

One aspect that is to be remembered for all the investment plans at MajesticFunds is that in none of the plans compounding option is availableThe invested principal is included within the daily returns.

The Payment Processors :

Apart from LibertyReserve and PerfectMoneyAlertPay is also available for transactions. personally i am quite satisfied to observe the trend that more and more investors are preferring a verified option like AlertPay for the high yield investment programs, particularly for short term ones.

Site Hosting, Design and Security Features :

MajesticFunds presents a pleasant looking design and runs on a licensed Golcodert’s scriptHosting andDdos protection is provided by Koddos, on a dedicated Staminus server.SSL Encryption by Comodo adds to the security.

Support :

Investors can communicate with the MajesticFunds management by the usual online support form or the Live support.

Analysis :

1. Probably, the most important factor that has played an useful role in the successful performance ofMajesticFunds for three weeks now, are the ‘Daily Paid’ plans. Understandably the ‘Daily Paid’ plans are always safer than the ‘Paid At Expiry’ plan as even if the program scam, the investors can at least recover a portion of their investments.

2. The second point, although not directly related to MajesticFunds itself, but has also played an important role.With so many ‘Paid At Expiry’ short term programs scamming like pack of cards, probably the investors inclined more towards the ‘Daily Paid’ plans offered at MajesticFunds.

3. Third most important factor is probably the promotion undertaken by the concerned management concentrating particularly on the extensive Russian monitoring services.

4. Inclusion of a reasonable range of payment processors.

5. Ddos protection by Koddos and SSL Encryption by Comodo has taken care of the security and availability ofMajesticFunds, with no downtimes noted so far.

That brings us to the end of MajesticFunds review. Please do check the Twitter box, all the important updates are to be published there, as and when it happens.

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