Any business needs to advertise the business that they have so that the clients can know about it. Eventually, marketing can be more aggressive, meaning trying to find ways to reach a wider audience. For a start up business like your daycare facility, marketing can be quite exhausting at the start, but once you set up a steady client base, they will be helpful allies for advertising your business in the future.

Since you are just beginning your business and you may have limited finances, here are some ways to market your daycare facility without spending too much but ensuring that you reach a good number of prospective clients.

1. Start with your family and friends. Your relations can prove to be your first team of marketers. They could also be your first clients if they have kids that need taking care of. You can offer them discounts in fees every time they refer a customer to your facility. Also, having children in your facility as soon as you open will encourage other parents to consider bringing their kids to your daycare center. A big part of parent’s decisions on where to bring their kids for daycare is that there should be other children present for their kids to interact with.

2. Print out flyers and brochures through your personal computer and printer. Design the brochure to have your day care facility’s name, address and contact numbers. You will also need to have lots of bright and pastel colors on the brochure to catch attention. The flyer or the brochure should include pictures of your facility, the materials that you have- the books, the toys, and special areas like an outside playground. Have a description for each picture, it becomes a teaser for what activities the children will engage in once they are in your facility.

3. Always carry business cards with you. Got o groceries and other stores that have a steady clientele of parents. This way, you can give out a business card instead of the big brochures or flyers. You can also give out business cards every time you see parents walking around your area with their kid/s.

4. Take a walk around your area and slip your flyers, brochures, or business cards under doors, in mailboxes, or in windshield wipers of vehicles. This way, you can tap into the market that is not really seeking out daycare centers actively. However some of them might just be waiting for the opportunity to get to know about an accessible day care facility like yours.

5. Find a neighborhood directory and start calling up people that live close to your day care. Phoning people can be a tricky task. Most people do not respond well to intrusive phone calls. So make sure that your spiel lasts no more than two minutes. Always be polite and introduce yourself. Say “ Hi, this is Lyn of Pink Lane Street, I’ve just opened up a daycare facility called Kids Tickled Pink and would just like to leave my number and address just incase you or someone you know might be interested? “ If they say no, then put down the phone, if they accept your offer, then you have just marketed successfully.

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