Schools are the worst place to clean. Kids often leave trash around and they donít have the slightest idea that office cleaning, especially in schools, is a rigorous work and takes too much time. Because there are thousands of students who go to school everyday, it sure makes the job more difficult to handle, considering that youíll be doing the same thing all over again everyday.

If a school board asks for your services, make sure that you are getting a good deal. First, determine the area. Since schools are very big, for sure, you cannot handle a job. So you need at least 4 to 6 people to do the job within the day. The next thing is the price and the rates. Discuss this with the school owner and inform the clients of your separate rates and the possibilities of a joint rate on different services that can be mold into one.

Because classrooms probably have the same facilities such as fans, chairs, and windows, you will have no problem dealing with cleaning equipment since youíll be using it for a long time. Just make sure you have many solutions ready. Also, beware of any breakable objects that you might come across to. These breakable ones may be found in laboratory rooms, so you and your employees must be careful in cleaning. To be sure that you are safe from these inevitable events, make sure you have an insurance bond. That way, the insurance company will pay for the losses that the school incurred.

Another thing you have to think about is the studentsí and the faculty teachersí safety. There are some situations where you need to check your cleaning materials, such as your solutions. Before you go through with cleaning, ask the faculty if there are students who have health issues. Once you find out these information, itís best to use an environment friendly cleaning solutions. There are stores who sell them, so it wonít be hard to find them.

Do be certain that each cleaning product works. There are many rooms that you have clean, especially the difficult parts of the school such as cafeterias, gyms, and rest rooms. Inspect these areas first before you decide on how to clean them.

Like we mentioned awhile ago, itís best to clean the whole school with your people. Divide each of their tasks according their expertise and set a time frame where all of you can finish on time.

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