Marketing is how to promote or advertise your business. The business name that you must choose must be easily remembered by customers, and try not to use your own name in your business, think of something which is appealing to customers and can be easily remembered.

Make proper strategies and planning on how to advertise your cleaning business. Your business will not survive if you donít have a market plan. Posting your cleaning business online is one way of promoting your business. Prepare for competition from your competitors, offer extra services or offer discounts for every service to your customer.

Make sure your staff serves the customer with a smile and with a friendly manner.

Make necessary surveys to know how your staff works with the customers because if your staff has an attitude of displeasing your customers, your business will surely fail. Also ask about the comments and suggestions of the customers on what kind of services they want to receive.

Offer different cleaning agents that the customers prefer you to use. Advertise online and hang flyers on malls, bulletin boards or on your local bulletin board on your community. Making marketing strategies can be hard and your ads must have an impact on the prospective customer. Give freebies and discounts on your cleaning service. Make sure that your cleaning service can meet your customerís expectations on the service you render.

Before you start your cleaning business make sure you make proper planning in how to market your business with residential or even commercial business. Distribute calling cards on your friends, relatives and customers or some brochures promoting your business on every mail box on your community. You can also make house to house visits to promote your business.

You should also be well aware of the new processes, machines and other factors regarding your business so that you will always be a step ahead on your competitors. In a way you can offer the best service to your customers and make your cleaning business a more preferable choice than the other cleaning business providers.

for you to gain success, you have to give quality service, you have to satisfy and please your customers. making each customer happy, expect to have more and more customers. since word-of-mouth is one good way of promoting your cleaning business.

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