When you start a cleaning business, you would need to learn how to advertise and market your services to the people you would like to become your clients. For residential cleaning services, advertising can be limited to the area where the business is located to avoid incurring too much expense on transportation. For a commercial cleaning business however, the challenge of advertising would be to reach as many offices, hospitals, warehouses, stores, and schools that they can get contract s with and schedule in.

For commercial cleaning business, one of the best ways to advertise inexpensively would probably to have a website of your own. There are a lot of website providers that charge yearly for a site and you wouldn’t even spend a hundred dollars a year. If you really do not want to spend a dime, you can choose to join forums and e-mail groups to get the word out that you offer your cleaning services. However, if you have your own online site, you can host your own forum and get your clients to join in or give testimonies about your services. Having your own website could also help you in keeping track of your clients as they come with email addresses too and you can just keep on adding contacts. This would additionally assist you in e-mailing a large number of people to tell them about your new promos and discounts at lesser a time than calling each and everyone up over the phone.

Aside from hosting your own site, you can also join community groups where you can meet a lot of people in the same or different businesses as yours. Being in organizations will open up a lot of doors for you. You can choose to attend sponsored events and seminars on business-related topics and meet a lot of interesting people who can either help you market your business or even become your clients. Make it a point to be open to socializing and mingling. If you keep on talking to the same people, you would not be able to expand your network and can miss out on opportunities to reel in more clients for your cleaning business.

Fulfilling your civic duties can be of help too in creating a buzz about your cleaning business. Volunteering in projects of your community, especially the ones that are connected to your own cleaning venture will allow you to meet other people and small talk could lead to them becoming your clients. You can also start cleaning education programs in your community which can attract free media attention which opens up so much opportunity for you to advertise your own commercial cleaning business.

Since most of the advertising techniques described above involve you talking to a lot of different people, the only skill you need is enthusiasm to tell them what you do in a very engaging way. You will not only have to know and talk incessantly about your venture, you also have to be very people oriented so that you can listen to them too. You’ll never know, they can give you additional insights on how to make your business better.

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