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    Default Commercial Cleaning Services - What Do The Customers Want

    In starting up your own cleaning service, you will need to know what your clients would expect. This is the primary way to make sure that you will perform to their expectations and would assure you of getting in more business in the future.

    The first thing that a client of a commercial cleaning service looks for is a cleaning company that has a solid reputation, of course. However, this should not be taken in a negative light. There is a market for new cleaning businesses especially if the bigger cleaning companies have tight schedules already and may be charging higher prices.

    1. Look professional
    Nothing beats a clean, professional look when meeting with clients. A well-mannered cleaning service crew will definitely make a good impression so make sure that your staff do not look and smell as if they just came out of a smelly toilet. Get your staff to be knowledgeable about the cleaning service too. Have a head cleaner that could guide the rest into getting to know the standard procedures in cleaning up business places.

    2. Have the equipment
    If you still cannot afford the higher technology cleaning equipment, opt to start marketing your services to smaller offices. These operations would probably need no more than a few vacuums, but, aim to get hold of newer equipment as soon as you can. Having industrial vacuums with hypo allergenic filters, microfiber mops and rags could be an advantage to you and to the clients.

    3. Have a couple of reserved personnel
    You may want to have cleaning maids or janitors that are willing to work on call. It wpuld sometimes be possible that a client may want one of your crew replaced and having nobody extra to send would just be a disaster, especially if you, the manager, comes in as the substitute.

    4. Offer a review and quotation service for free
    Some companies need to consult with the cleaners first to determine what type and how extensive a cleaning their office space would need. Be ready to offer the service. It could be a form of advertisement for you that you can offer for free, or you could charge a nominal amount for it, or you could say it is free, a part of your package, if they sign up for your service.

    5. Be always available for follow-ups or queries
    Clients need to feel important and a sure way to do that is to make sure you respond to them promptly and accurately. A client’s needs should always be your top priority so if you have to be away from the phone, it would be best if you have a generic notepad listing down your clients and their requirement, and status, near the phone. This way, any of your staff would be able to answer basic questions and can forward more complex queries to you.

    Clients will be the most important factor in making your business a success. Having a good grasp of what they want is a sure way to keep your business growing.

    For more info: Commercial Cleaning service

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    Great advice, 2.) is probably the most important of that list.

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