Nowadays, it seems that we hear many reports on abuse and mistreatment on different day care centers. Most stories revolve around those day care providers that are rough negligent and pre-school teachers who molests children. This is one factor why parents are not keen on enrolling their child to schools.

As a parent, you have to do drastic measures to prevent your child from experiencing such horrors. The best and the most important thing you have to do is find a daycare center with no history of negligent and abuse. Although this may be very hard since you donít know what goes on inside a camera, you have to make sure that the day care center you have chosen has the right credentials or it fits your taste.

Find a daycare center which has a web-cam positioned in the day care room and is accessible and connected to the centerís website. This feature is mainly convenient for parents who want to check on the status of their child. At any time of the day, they can simply view their child and the activities that have been going on inside the center. However, this may be a hindrance, especially when it breaks the trust between the parents and the day care providers. Most parents do not understand some of the activities, which will result in meddling of the affairs of the providersí method of teaching. A camera that watches the centerís every move will mean that there is a sense of mistrust that creates a backlash of their relationship.

Another thing that you have to look into in a day care center is the certification. Remember that these centers cannot operate unless they are certified by the local government. With a protected day care centers, these centers most likely get routinely visitations by government officials, which mainly means checking up the status of the center. Centers also need to follow regular fire drills, nutrition standards, and do background check on employees such as fingerprints and paperwork for prior arrests and incidents of abuse.

One way to solve the parentís doubts is to come in for unannounced visits. Make up some excuses such as your child forgot something at home, or you simply want to give a special lunch treat. This will allow you to witness what really goes inside the day care centers in different situations; where you catch them off guard. If for some reason the center does not allow unannounced visits, itís best to ask them why to ease your worries.

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