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Have you ever wished you had invested in companies like ebay, google, paypal, or microsoft when they were start up businesses?

What would your investment be worth today? Millions?

Wouldn't it be good to have the opportunity of being in at the start of something big?

Now you can. And it's not just an idea - this is an established online business that is growing daily.

Now is your opportunity to be in at the early stages and OWN a part of this business!

About This Opportunity

This opportunity comes without any hype or false promises. We do not offer you a return of millions for an investment of a few pounds, and we do not guarantee that we will make your future financially secure.

What we do guarantee is that this opportunity is GENUINE and will deliver exactly what we state in this website.

What is this opportunity?

This is your opportunity to own a share of a growing online business, Alivepay.com (it is there, go take a look).

Alivepay.com is currently owned and operated by Time To Rock Limited, a UK registered company formed in January 2008.

The business was launched to counter some of the problems faced by people operating MLM, Network Marketing and other home business opportunities. Problems such as existing payment processors being inflexible in their business practices and often allowing buyers to defraud sellers by cancelling payments after goods or services had been received.

Other problems faced include a variety of electronic currencies and precious metal currencies that need to be converted from one form to another or exchanged for cash, but existing methods are costly and eat into the profits of buyers and sellers alike. Some electronic or precious metal currencies have also proved to be unstable or prone to disappear, losing people their money.

Alivepay.com was launched to be different. To act as a secure payment gateway and electronic precious metal exchange service all in one. Our aim was to offer an excellet level of customer service, and offer a safe and secure method of making or receiving payments for our members. We have succeeded in both of these aims and have seen membership grow on a daily basis.

Our next objective is to maximise the potential of this business in what is, quite frankly, a massive marketplace that is growing all the time. We intend to make Alivepay.com the first choice of buyers and sellers throughout the world in our target market.

To achieve this we have decided to raise the required finances by offering shares in this business to the very people most likely to use our service rather than allowing the usual finance houses and large investors to sweep up the benefits.

YOU can own a share of this business but this opportunity is obviously limited. The total share percentage on offer is 49% (we will retain 51% controlling interest) and that puts a limit on the number of places available.

For more information, visit
Alivepay Network, Your Opportunity To Invest.

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