Itís the first time that I use Rolclub forum to introduce a commercial proposal. I hope it will give me some luck.

Itís now a year that I am in the wellness industry, and after trying the program myself and with some friends, I would to introduce this to new friends.

Over years I was in overweight for about 25 kilogramís, and was without any vitality. A year ago I was looking on the net how I was able to earn extra incomes. And I became in contact with my actual sponsor who explains me how I was able to loose my extra weight.
First, I was sceptic but I had nothing to loose except my kilogramís.

Here are the results, I lost 12 kilo in only 4 month and I find back my vitality.

Now I would like to give the chance to meet that amazing program to all the people who wants to take the opportunity to loose weight, find back a big punch and, of course, make some extra earning.

Feel free to visit my website www.claes.patrick.com/?lng=en , or to send me an e-mail to ask me more details. My web hasn't a professional look but I made it alone with a free script

Iím now a coach in loosing- and wellness program. This is very exciting to give other people feeling happy in life.

See You,