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    Exclamation GET TONS Of FREE TRAFFIC - 100% FREE! + Earn CASH

    Traffic Exchanges are one of the most effective means of promoting a website
    online, when you do it right. An best of all they are FREE to use.

    At traffic exchanges you view other members sites and receive credits
    which enable your sites to be shown to the members.
    The following traffic exchanges will give you the MOST credits
    per site you view.
    They are my favorite, also top rated and have more than 20,000 members each.
    (some of them even over 100,000 members) 1:1 Surf ratio + earn CASH while surfing 2:1 Surf ratio and lots of bonus credits Dynamic Surf ratio higher than 2:1 and bonus credits 2:1 Surf ratio and bonus credits 2:1 Surf ratio and bonus
    credits 1:1 Surf ratio

    After registering add your websites and define the % of credits to auto
    assign to the sites .

    My favorite surfing browser is Opera. It loads sites very quickly and
    allows you to open many tabs at once. You can also save your passwords
    and enter the members area simply by pressing CTRL + Enter.
    You can do the same with Firefox but it is a bit slower. These browsers are
    both free to download.

    Here is How to Surf Smartly In Manual Traffic Exchanges:

    1) Select good traffic exchanges which have more members and are
    popular among surfers.

    2) Use the Multiple tab browsing facility by Opera or Firefox.
    Using the "bookmark all tabs" under the tab "Bookmarks" you can
    bookmark all your traffic exchanges under some desired folder name.
    Next time when you come online, you simply select this folder under
    "bookmarks" and click "open all in tabs".
    With one click, all your traffic exchanges are
    open in tabs.

    Happy surfing

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    that is a good amount of money
    anyone really get paid here?

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