Shares 4 Moola is one of those programs that if you are looking to make money online then it is a must to join. Every $20 Ad package you buy, doubles your future earnings. As People join and buy their packages, 95% of that money gets sent right back to members. The earnings never stop because of the system! Members use a percent of their earnings to buy more Ad Packages and it keeps putting money in everyone's accounts.

This is in prelaunch and offers real advertising packages. This is from the Earners Unite (TRUSTED) admin!

The new Sharing Program from Steve Hoffman (Earners Unite etc.)
Steve has learned from other sharing sites, and is making sure all the "t"s are crossed and "i"s are dotted....SO THIS WILL FLY SKY HIGH!
Shares4Moola is in Pre-Launch which means we can join right now, but NOBODY
can purchase shares until full launch. NO NEED to be in this one could end up at the very top at launch, which is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, at 9 PM EST, but this may change.

They WILL be able to accept CC's by Alertpay at launch.
Be SURE to join with your GOOD email address, so you can jump in right at launch!