Hello,friends,i am the author of HYIPING MONEY:THE BLOG.This blog primarily related to High Yield Investment Program and other online money making opportunities,was launched on January,2010.


Thereafter,it has undergone significant changes through the course of time.

Initially,like any other amateur blog,it was launched on Blogspot.Thereafter from blogspot shifted to custom domain,that is hyipingmoney.org

Finally just one month back,the crucial step of shifting to Wordpress was taken.

Along with Reviews,Interviews,HYIP Updates,you can also check out the recent Payout statistics of the listed programs.

I would like all RolClub members,to kindly visit HYIPING MONEY:THE BLOG,and give their valuable opinion,regarding further ways of development of the blog.

I would like to add,i am also the Admin of hyipingmoneysmonitor.com

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