US citizens intending to bring their foreign spouse into the country should file a non-immigrant US K3 Marriage Visa also known as K3 Spouse Visa. Our expert team of immigration specialists can ensure that you will be able to live the life you have dreamed of with your loved one in the United States.


* As K3 Visa lawyers we have a solid Team of US Immigration lawyers as we concentrate our staff on where their expertise lay. Our United States immigration team consists of K1 visa lawyers and K3 visa lawyers and specialists in the field of US immigration procedures. There could be no better team of lawyers for expert legal advice for your K1 fiancÚ and K3 spousal visa applications.
* 100% Success Rate: Our visa record speaks for itself. No wonder we can offer a money back guarantee service for our K1 visa and K3 marriage visa service.
* 24 hour Full Customer Care: Our multilingual expatriate and local staff will be happy to assist you at any given point in the K1 visa process by telephone by either calling toll free 1-877-252-8831 or even through our local Live Chat on our website
* Cost effective: We believe in providing a quality legal service at a very affordable price.

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