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PayBox - Learn Why you should join today ... to PayBox

* You start with a $ 50 balance and it's free.
* PayBox will add up to $ 20 per day to your account for participating as we prepare to launch our new service.
* You get $ 5 per person you refer to PayBox.
* You'll be an EarlyBird user-before PayBox opens to the public.
* You'll help shape the development of the best payment system ever designed for the Internet.
* You could have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account by the time we launch, without ever making a deposit!

Please remember your username and Password. The welcome
email will not mention your Log In information.
If you are an EarlyBird user (a user who is active before PayBox services are generally available to the public), you may earn a variable daily rate which will be automatically added to your PayBox account balance. The conditions for keeping your account active will be posted within the login area. The rate paid may change at any time, and may be discontinued without notice.