Car Rental Singapore offers the widest range of cheap car rental in Singapore. Looking for a car to rent on a daily, over the weekend, wedding or monthly car rental?

Singapore Car Rental provide quality cars for rent at budget price. P plate holder, new driver and 18 years old in Singapore are welcome. Last minute and instant car rental is available.
24 hours car rental in Singapore.

Cars available for Rental

* Honda Airwave (A)

* Honda Fit (A)

* Honda Jazz (A)

* Toyota Rush (A)

* Kia Picanto (A) (Budget)

* Hyundai Verna (A)

* Nisaan Latio Sport (A) (Hatchback)

* Nissan Sunny EX (A)

* Subaru TS (M)

* Hyundai Tucson SUV (A)

* Toyota Vitz (A) (Hatchback)

* Proton Gen 2 1.3A (Saloon)

* Proton Gen2 1.6A (Saloon)

* Fiat Punto (Hatchback)

* Hyundai GetZ (M) (Hatchback)

* Toyota Axio Auto

* Toyota Sienta (7 seater MPV)

* Mitsubishi Lancer GLX (Saloon)

* Toyota Corolla Axio

* Nissan Dualis (SUV)

And many more cars for rent

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P plate holder are welcome!
Car rental p plate and under 25 welcome!

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