Fellow ROLClub members,

If you're frustrated by your old desktop or laptop freezing up on you. If you've experienced frequent crashes and slow speeds and slow downloads. Help is here. You are in luck.

Come join us at bidhere .com where shopping and bidding are fun.
At bidhere, brandnew items are sold for pennies on the dollar compared to the MSRP ( Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Price ). They range from brand name laptops like HP, Sony, Acer and Samsung, to sundry gift cards like WalMart, Target, RedLobster and Sam's to mention just a few.

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Bidding can be done LIVE.
But I love the bidmonkey. After studying the bidding pattern and past winning bids, I set up my bidmoney and find some other useful chore to do. Thats all.

The BidMonkey is very smart if used carefully. Read the FAQ and other guidelines before setting it.

See you soon.