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If you have an extra $19.95, you can give this program a try. If your subscription is almost due and you're still not earning enough, you can cancel your subscription through Alertpay, and PlainWrappedSuccess shouldn't be able to bill you again.But I don't think you would want to quit. Let's say you pay $10 for two positions in the LEDUNA Effect, you will get $36 back in a very short period of time. Then your subscription and Leduna Effect fees are covered already for the month. Not to mention the Lines 1, 2, and 3 that keep on cycling as people are cycling in the Leduna Effect. It is designed to push the lines at the same time as well. You're most likely to cycle in the first 2 lines at least before your subscription is due, giving you $17 already. So if you only participate in the Leduna effect twice, you should be getting $36+$17=$53 in your first month. Now you are in profit. But remember, you can purchase as many as 15 positions a day. Each position cycles within 24 to 60 hours. This can potentially become your full-time income. So what are you waiting for?

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