CONNECTING US ALL is a Non-Profit Organization. Our CEO J. J. Ulrich, our Founder Harvey J. Dockstader Jr. and our team of Attorney's are men who were not afraid to stand up for what they believed was our inalienable right to give and receive as a group of like-minded people. We are in complete compliance with applicable laws of every state in the USA and over 197 countries. We give through a systematic structure that is fair and equal for all. There are no victims here, only happy prosperous individuals who have lifted each other to new heights of abundance they would never have otherwise achieved.

What have we done for mankind? The blessings flowing through this belief system cannot be measured. Many people who participate in our organized gifting have saved their homes from foreclosure, put food on an empty table, paid for an important medical procedure and improved the overall quality of life. Recently, we sent trucks loaded with food to an orphanage in Africa. The power of many giving to one, no matter how much is given, can change lives -- and if we have anything to say about it, the world too.

Do you believe that giving opens the door to receiving?

How would you like to receive $20, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 as many times as you'd like? Bless somebody today! When we give from the heart we too are blessed by others, it never fails. We start out by giving a one time out of pocket gift of $20, plus a $16.00 per month hosting fee to access the tracking system. The tracking system notifies you when it's your turn to be gifted, when its time to give a gift and when its time to join a new cycle. Without it we could not exist online as it is how we track over 40,000 members worldwide.

This really works folks and I have testimonials to prove it including my own.

I got paid in less than 5 days double what I paid and it only takes $20.

This is not a matrix, cycler or anything even close. This is a brand new professional system that is designed to work for everyone, and that is not hype because it really does. This will work for you too.

I guess you will have some questions so lets answer a few for you first.

1. Is this legal and ethical ? Answer: Yes
2. How much will it cost me ? Answer: Only $20.00 will start you on the road to success.
3. Are there any catches and is it possible for me to make nothing and be out of pocket more than $20.00 ? Answer: Absolutely not.
4. Does this really work or are you just saying that to get me to join or take a look ? Answer: As soon as you have filled in the form for more information on the website then you will get information on how to join our private team building forum. Once you are a member of our private forum you will then see for yourself many others making money too.
5. Is it really that easy to make money with this legal and ethical system like you claim ? Answer: Most definately.
6. Will I have to pay for any advertising ? Answer: Nope this system is so simple and will not cost you a cent for advertising.
7. Lastly will I get all the help and support I need if any is needed ? Answer: Yes most definately. We are a large community helping each other and that is how we all succeed.

Please close post immediately if you are not serious and if you do not have at least $20 to start your financial dynasty.

NOTHING in life is free and if $20 scares you, you will never make it.
You will find no other community like this.

Well...what do you WANT? We're here to help YOU get it!

We are facing a very tough time in history. Our economy is the worst it's been in decades, perhaps even since the great depression.

The need for change is now! This organization can help now! Donít wait another moment to check out Connecting Us All Ė The Global Giving Network

WHEN you join, please send me a private message and we will set you up with our team build and private forum.. Come join a community of caring, giving people. Aren't you sick of the scams and all the HYIP here? Then Connecting Us All is what you are looking for.

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