Hello all... traffic has gotten hard to come by these days. Looks like there are more websites than visitors. SEO is very time consuming and expensive... Pay per click works great for some people but majority ends up loosing hundreds of $$$ in their PPC campaigns.

I can provide guaranteed traffic to your website extremely quick. The traffic I will give you will come from my website www.cosmicbux.com

I can provide upto 10,000 unique visitors daily. This number will gradually keep on increasing. You can order any number of visits from me. You can also specify how long you want each visit to last on your website. This is controlled by a "credits system"

When you order, you will get credits.

You can utilize these credits in a combination of the number of visits you want on your website and how long you want each visit to last. You can control this with a control panel access that you will get to your ad.

This is how the credits system works

1 visit for 15 sec = 1 credit
1 visit for 25 sec = 2 credit
1 visit for 35 sec = 3 credit
1 visit for 50 sec = 5 credit
1 visit for 70 sec = 10 credit
1 visit for 90 sec = 20 credit

An example will help explain this better.
If you buy 5000 credits. In these credits you can have 1000 visitors who visit your site for minimum 25 secs, 1000 members who come over for a minimum of 15 seconds and 400 people who visit for a minimum 50 secs.

Or you can have any number of combinations which you can control from your Cpanel.

You can order from the packages I have mentioned below

2500 Credits = $7.00
5000 Credits = $13.00
10000 Credits = $25.00
20000 Credits = $47.00
50000 Credits = $99.00
100000 Credits = $199.00

All tracking of your ad campaign can be seen in the cpanel.

-I accept paypal/alertpay for payments.
-adult, racism, inflamatory content and such is not allowed.
-I cannot accept sites with frame breakers. The site will initially open in a -frame but will eventually open up.
-the traffic can also be tracked in google analytics
-This traffic is not google adsense safe.

As I mentioned, these are all guaranteed visits.

If you get more than 10,000 visits in total, you will be getting the same people visiting your website the next day. this is actually a good thing. It is proven that 80% of your sales come from your 12th contact with the customer. So putting your website in front of your visitors 12 times will actually work well.

there are other conventional ads also available on my site. Things like featrued links, featured banners, overhead banner ads, etc

As I am new here, I would like to offer a small sampler to 2 different people in return for an unbiased review here. I can give out 1000 credits to each person. Ofcourse, I will only want to give this offer to active recognized members here so they may do a review for me.

Let me know what you all think.