According to a recent release of the latest series titled Rambo Knives that has been 9212790 created by Master Cutlery has achieved incredible success. In spite of its success the customers find it quite hard to get the details of all of the mentioned special knives. It does not matter if you refer to them as Rambo Knives, or Rambo Bowie Knives or even Rambo Survival Knives. When you mention them everybody will surely know what you are talking about.
If you ask me then I will tell you that it is very hard for me in particular to contain my excitement in regards to the respective series of Rambo knives. These knives are also sold on the Internet. In order to show my fascination with the respective knives I personally have access to more than 100 brands of knives. This is the very first series that makes me want to seriously consider collecting each and every knife in this series. These Rambo knives have achieved a huge fan base owing to the success of the series that has been made into movies and the image that has been portrayed of the Rambo Knife.
The demand for the aforementioned Rambo Knives has sky rocketed and in spite of this fact it seems as if there is a lack of detailed information regarding these knives and their availability on different sites on the Internet. Although the standard specs of the different Rambo knives are more or less the same there has still been several requests from the customers who want specific information about the respective knives.
In this article we will do a detailed summary of the Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife that has been featured from the Master Cutlery series. These knives are numbered and their blade is around 1 7/8th inches in width and almost 1/4 inches thick. Its length is around 10 inches. The blade spine shows around a double row of saw teeth; where each and every row is around 3/32nds of inches wide. As far as the tips of these teeth are concerned they both look and feel like the teeth on a chain saw.
The saw teeth have only one row. A total of 5000 of the respective knives have been produced and almost all of them have a blade that is stamped with “Rambo First Blood Part II.” It has the John Rambo signature on them and is also numbered.
The bowie knife that has been featured in the respective series is basically a Phillips screwdriver that has a tip on one side and features a regular screw driver tip on the other side.
It has a black colored cord that is wrapped around its handle and feels much comfortable in the hands of the person who is using it. It gives a much better grip.