Cold Steel is a much popular manufacturer of knives. They manufacture all kinds of pocket knives ranging from the Hunting knives to everyday use knives. There are all edged weapons and there quality is very good and second to none. Itís because the steel that they use to make their knives is of the best quality. The Cold Steel makes their respective knives a thing forever. They deal in all kinds of knives that you can think of and the price ranges range from very expensive to moderate.
Cold steel itself is based out of Ventura that is situated in California but many of their products are manufactured in several other countries such as India, Taiwan, China and last but not the least Japan. Cold steel knives make their products, both knives and the other products they deal in with the best available quality of steel. The steel that is employed for their manufacture is mostly VG-1 Stainless Steel, and SK-5 High Carbon Steel amongst other top quality steels.
There are several videos on the internet that will show you the great quality of their knives. I would personally recommend that you log on and watch these videos which are nothing less than impressive. In fact I would say that these videos are very educational, and they are a firsthand source of how these products can be used and how dangerous they can be.
Cold Steel is much popular for its promotional videos and DVDs that they have released. These presentations are a perfect demonstration of their products. Cold Steel has also established a partnership with other popular knife makers such as the likes of Andrew Demko, Phil Boguszewski, and last but not the least Lloyd Pendleton.
In the year 2007 Cold Steel had started to manufacture knives with San Mai III. San Mai III is a kind of steel that is quite hard in the middle, and has low carbon steel down its sides which makes it very flexible. The knives that have been manufactured by Cold Steel with this kind of steel are known as the Tanto Series and The Tai Pan.
They deal in several more kinds of knives and the ones that have been mentioned above are just a few of them. It is such products that have taken the knife making business to the next level. Cold Steel as aforementioned not only makes Hunting knives but also pocket knives.
They use nothing but the best steel. Cold Steel makes knives that can be used for almost everything that you can imagine. No matter how many good things one says about Cold Steel products it is not enough. Hence when you are at the lookout for knives, you should definitely take a good long look at the Cold Steel Knives. They have an amazing selection that you can choose from.